How do you guys spend your weekends? Do you stay at home or go out every Saturday? Well, it’s not safe going out every week as the omicron variant is rapidly spreading, taking the world back into the pits of coronavirus. 

In such a situation, you should stay home or have fun at home. Yes, it’s possible. All you need to do is plan a movie night for your friends and family, and I’m sure it will become a memorable weekend. Just make sure not to invite too many people and strictly follow the SOPs. 

Alright. Now let’s help you make your movie night memorable. Here’s what you need to do: 

Some Tiny Decorations 

There’s no point in calling your friends and family and hoping that they will have a relaxing night without working on the ambiance of your home. That’s right, guys. You must ensure that your house looks welcoming to everyone. 

For this, it’s best if you decorate it a bit. Add some fairy lights to your seating space so that it appears a bit more attractive. Add cushions to the space as they can help make the seating area appear warm and relaxing. Oh, and don’t forget about some soothing music other than the movie.


When inviting anyone over, refreshments are mandatory. By refreshments, I mean drinks. It’s okay if someone does stay longer for the food or dessert, but never let them leave without having a glass of fresh juice or a cup of tea. 

If you ask me; I’d say it’s common courtesy when someone is visiting your place. It helps show the world how you’re brought up and how you’re groomed. For the movie night, you must have a variety of drinks. From martinis and wine to coffee and soda drinks, everything should be available.

A Few Scrumptious Snacks 

One thing that can make or break the night for your friends is food. You don’t have to be snacky to have snacks with the movie, know that it is something that can help enjoy the movie even more. Thus, a few scrumptious snacks are essential. 

Sandwiches, fruit tarts, chicken pies, and nachos are a few great options here. They’re simple to prepare and lighter on your stomach, which makes them an incredible option for movie night. Plus, since it’s a movie night for your friends, there’s no harm in having a little fun. 

Yes, I suggest you try out cannabis-infused fruit edibles or add a little cannabutter to the fruit tarts. They’ll help you and your friends relax and enjoy more than ever.

Better Equipment, Better Movie 

When hosting a movie night, an LED screen is not everything you need. You need to have a proper sound system so that your friends can enjoy the feel of a cinema. Either purchase a soundbar for your LED or ask someone who has it. 

A soundbar, when attached to the TV screen, will immediately improve the sound quality of the movie and your overall movie experience. If not that, you can arrange portable speakers. They may not work as well as a soundbar, but it’s better to have something than nothing.

Lastly, please take everyone’s suggestion before choosing a movie so that you all can enjoy it. Good luck!