Many people avoid thinking too much about their finances beyond the short term. Wealth building feels like it’s for the uber rich. However, the right financial advice and planning can help every individual, family, and small business owner keep their money safe and meet their financial goals. Contrary to what one may think, a financial advisor doesn’t just offer investment advice, they can develop strategies to help you pay off your mortgage comfortably, plan the ideal beach retirement, or simply make sure you can take that perfect family vacation every year. 

Meet Kara Day

Kara Day is a financial planner with over 15 years of experience aiding individuals, families, and corporations, navigating financial challenges to meet their financial goals. Kara Day holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®), and Elder Planning Counselor (EPC™) designations making her qualified to help develop effective financial solutions for every stage of your life. 

She has clients of all income brackets and believes in building long-term relationships with her clients based on transparency and mutual trust. Every client and their situation is unique and her process involves gathering and examining the pieces to see how all their money fits together, before building a personalized roadmap that empowers each client to make the best decisions for their financial futures. 

As Tara M. puts it, “[Kara’s] detail-oriented approach gives you an opportunity to expand on your financial education from where you’re at… you’ll walk away with a larger understanding of what proper financial planning is… she has helped lead me to make better decisions.”

The Process

If you are new or have limited knowledge of how the world of financial planning works, you need a financial planner like Kara Day who provides unbiased advice and is bound by the highest fiduciary standards to act in the best interests of her clients. 

As a potential client, you will first have an introductory meeting with Kara to understand your financial goals and how she can help you reach them. The next meeting involves an in-depth look at your current financial situation including liabilities, income, and expenses along with prioritizing short, medium, and long-term goals. She will also discuss your investment objectives and tolerance for risk to lay the foundation for building a financial plan during this time.

Using this information, she will analyze each area of your finances, look for any gaps or challenges in your current plan, and identify different opportunities to reach your financial goals before meeting you to present a bespoke financial plan. This is also where she explains recommendations with due context so that you can make informed decisions before the plan is implemented. 

Once your plan is implemented, you can meet either annually or more frequently as you desire so that you know if your goals are being met, whether your plan needs to be tweaked to meet your evolving needs, or simply to learn how your money is growing. 

 Who Can Benefit from Kara Day’s Financial Planning Services?

Kara Day has the necessary expertise, qualifications, and experience to help people in various stages of their lives. She works closely with individuals and families, pre-and-post retirees, and business owners and professionals to help them achieve their financial goals. 

Kara Day can demystify the (often) obscure world of finance for you so that you can be confident about meeting your financial goals and sleep a little better at night knowing that your money is in safe hands – your own.

Book your free, no-obligation information session or ask a question by getting in touch. Get started on the path to protecting your financial future today!