Plagamesprostores, which misuses Nintendo’s brand name by writing its website name as Nintendo and claiming to sell Nintendo products as well as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, etc. at unrealistically discounted price, does not appear to be a trustworthy online store. Does this mean Plagamesprostores is a scam? Well, let’s find out if this is a scam or genuine and what is in real life through our Plagamesprostores review here. So let’s start with our review of Plagamesprostores.

Plagamesprostores is a fraudulent website for the following reasons: –

# His business address is 8800 Nagle Ave, Arleta, CA, 91331, USA, but this address belongs to a residence (Source: So that makes it a very suspicious website.

# A lot of content provided on Plagamesprostores website matches several scam sites.

# His e-mail address “” is not linked to his domain name.

# Plagamesprostores sells a lot of items with unreasonable discount rates. These days, several scam sites offer such discounts.

# He has not properly secured his website with security services like McAfee or Norton etc. Thus, if you make purchases on this site, your personal and financial information could be stolen.

# Nowadays, several new online stores claim to sell various items with huge discount or higher price, but most of them are scams. So it is best to stay away from new online stores or at least do your research before buying anything from new online stores as most of these new online stores do not deliver the purchased items. to their customers or deliver completely different or very poor quality items. Some scam online stores have even billed customers’ credit cards at random without their consent. So if you have ever mistakenly purchased from scam sites, we suggest that you contact your bank or credit card company immediately to secure your credit card information.

Now it is clear that Plagamesprostores is a scam site thanks to our Plagamesprostores review as above. However, if you still want to add your own reviews of or want to say something about it, feel free to leave your comment below. You can also comment below to report any type of scams. After all, we are here to raise awareness of scams. So let’s do it together. Save the innocent from scams.

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