Of all the places in the world where you want to start your career, the best city is the one that is the most active. If you like congestion and think that for a few years you will be able to withstand the hustle and bustle of New York City, this is the place to start your freelance career and work remotely. Here are some of the coolest places you can work remotely in NYC.


For some, working remotely means going to the nearest India casino and trying their luck to earn a full year’s salary in an hour. Most of us do not apply the same strategy because the risks are too great, but what we do is fight for our careers. At a tense time, the international community is facing a pandemic that it has so far managed to control. Most of us think of working as safely as possible and having a balanced lifestyle.

Devoción is one of the most popular cafes in New York City. Located in a very accessible area in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at 69 Grand St., Devoción is the perfect place to start your workday. A cafe gives you a different feeling, makes you feel more productive and opens your mind to new projects. Devoción is not just a cafe, but also a roastery, so the smell of coffee is a permanent feature. Working remotely from a cafe has become quite normal given that people feel better when they work in a more relaxed environment.

The Farm

For those who take their work very seriously or for those whose projects are becoming more and more serious and require as much attention as possible, there are other places in NYC where you can go to work from, that perfectly mimics the office of an agency or a multinational company. The Farm is a hub or a coworking space where you will find everything you need to be able to carry out your activity properly. What is different from cafes or other public spaces is that these coworking spaces have been specially built to give you a productive environment, peace of mind, and an atmosphere that makes you want more from yourself.

Why is it recommended to go to The Farm? Because you’re not the only one looking for such a place to work. Other people like you want to build a successful career. Those people go to The Farm, and when you’re in the same space as other hard-working people, you’ll simply be motivated to keep up with them and work just as hard for your career. The Farm offers you internet access, 24-hour access to the building, a unique office where you can feel comfortable, and everything you need for a working day.


The coworking industry in NYC has become so complex that there are already spaces that address only a certain category of freelancers or people who want to work remotely. The best example is NeueHouse, a building dedicated to the creative and those who need a burst of creativity to create their products. NeueHouse is a coworking space, but not a regular one. You will see that if you are a freelancer passionate about programming, you will not be able to be very efficient in this building because it was specially designed for those in the creative field. A space for photographers, videographers, influencers, and all kinds of people who need to create videos, interviews, and other products that you can only enjoy with your eyes.

What will you find at NeueHouse? You’ll be able to rent video or photo studios, record your own YouTube videos, record podcasts or interviews, and take advantage of the most exciting conference rooms a city like NYC has to offer.

The Ace Hotel

Each space we talked about in this article has something special, something unique. The Ace Hotel has one of the most lucrative lobby spaces in New York City. If until now, a hotel would have given you a lot of light and all kinds of decorative pieces of furniture, The Ace Hotel is a completely different concept. The atmosphere is very warm due to the warm lights. The walls are covered with decorative glass and the ceiling is covered with mirrors. A chic workspace for working people.

Tru Cafe

Tru Cafe is such an interesting project that it makes us think that it was specially designed for people who are tired of working from inside their homes. A Tru Cafe in Astoria may be ideal for coffee and work on a sunny day, but there is also a Mediterranean restaurant with a full bar at night. You will simply have excellent culinary experience and a working atmosphere that will help you a lot.

David Rubenstein The Atrium

And to end the list especially, what could you want more from a coworking space if it weren’t for free? David Rubenstein The Atrium is a very tempting public space for any freelancer. Around you there will be vertical gardens, decorative swimming pools, and a soothing buzz of people that immediately introduces you to the work vibe. I used to say about this space that it is public, and that means that it is also free. If you want, you can have a coffee, but you can also work from your laptop.

Cultural events, film nights, and other events for the public are often organized here.


If you want to start working remotely in NYC, you only have to look around a few times, because the options are much more varied. We hope our recommendations have been helpful.