What did Pit Viper say on Instagram?

Remark on one of their Instagram photos that caught the interest of some of the 600,000 followers.

The exact remark is far too Explicit to link here, but it was essentially a lengthy, x-rated and very vulgar paragraph which has been unbelievably inconsiderate towards Jesus and Easter.

If You Would like to precisely What they said, you are able to see it in this TikTok video. But do not say we did not warn you!

Observing the explicit Easter comment, Pit Viper have Been getting a lot of backlash on social media as folks call out the disgusting article.

But, others have indicated that Pit Viper were probably hacked. The comment certainly seemed out of place, and the brand has not been involved in any drama such as this before.

Others Believe that it may have been a Pit Viper Worker who accessed the Instagram and published the comment, which could definitely be an opportunity.

The remark has been deleted by Pit Viper, However, the brand has not yet spoken out about the controversy.

Until Pit Viper makes a statement, we’ll never understand What really occurred.