Wordle in The New York Times. The Wordle game has many other fun games. You may also find many players from other parts of the globe like Canada the United StatesUnited Kingdom or Australia who are playing mini crosswords alongside Wordle.

Did you manage to solve the mini-puzzle of yesterday? Let’s discuss piques Wordle.

Piques – as one’s appetite

The New York Times also offers games such as Mini crosswords, Vertex, Spelling Bee and The Crossword. A popular game is Mini crossword. There are different puzzles each day with hints. Yesterday’s mini crossword revealed hints for every word. Piques (which is one’s appetite) was one of the hints. This puzzle was confusing for many players, and they couldn’t find an answer.

Other clues include Piques as one’s appetite, A little suspicious, and The “S”, of GPS: Abbr. We’ll now talk about Piques, or one’s appetite. So, the answer is “WHETS”.

Piques Game

Piques is misunderstood to be a wordle-game. Wordle doesn’t have any similar games. Piques was an element of the hint for 7 June mini-crossword. Mini crossword requires you to read the hint at each block before you can enter the words. Daily crossword puzzles are added. You can create an account for the game, or access the game from anywhere without an account.

The hint for each word is provided and you must fill in the missing one-word answer using the hint. In crossword puzzles, the answer must be filled in between and below blocks. Piques Appetite the answer was Whet. Piques and whet are very similar words. One’s desire to eat more is called Whet.

Mini Crossword Solutions (8 June 2022).

Mini crosswords require little effort to complete. Solving all puzzles is the hardest part. While some players may be able to find all the solutions without any help, others might not.

This is the answer to today’s crossword. If you’re stuck, these answers may help. Some words can be difficult to guess as per Piques Wordle. The answers to today’s crossword are below:


  1. Rice
  2. Nadal
  3. Ebill
  4. Above
  5. Time

Downward blocks

  1. Neat
  2. Rabbi
  3. Idiom
  4. Calve
  5. Elle


We conclude this post with detailed information about pique. All details regarding mini crosswords are available here. The New York Times has a mini crossword puzzle game.