Are you aware of how Pikachu’s birthday is celebrated every year? Have you heard about the prizes that are given to fans at this celebration? This is this article that highlights the best of Pikachu’s birthday celebrations.

Pikachu is an extremely most powerful kinds that is part of Pokemon that is loved throughout Canada, the United KingdomUnited States and Canada. The appearance of this Pokemon in anime has increased the number of followers across the world. This is why Pikachu Birthday celebrations is considered to be a wonderful occasion for everyone.

Let’s look into the specifics of this occasion!

A few phrases about Pikachu

It is a type of yellow mouse of Pokemon with electrical capabilities. Pikachu is usually considered to be the main character of the franchise , and is an iconic figure in popular cultural culture within Japan. The first appearance was filmed in Pokemon Red as well as Green then it was streamed across the world through Pokemon game consoles.

The voiced appearance of Pikachu is featured in both video and anime. The voice of the character is provided by Ikue Otani.

Pikachu Party for Birthdays What’s it?

Pokemon Go was released on the devices in July of 2016. In order to commemorate the five-year anniversary of the video game Niantic is the creator of this game. has decided to hold an event that lasted for a whole day on the 6th of July. But, just like any well-planned celebration, the event runs until the 15th of July.

The festival featured flying Pikachu with five balloons and a daily prize darumaka, as well as many other intriguing collections for gamers.

What is the characteristics in this particular event?

Pikachu Birthday celebrations held within Pokemon Go has the below-mentioned highlights —

  • Shiny Darumaka was seen at the start of the show.
  • The rare assortment of pokes and candy was provided to the players at the beginning of the level.
  • The participants had the chance to complete a challenge and meet an air-born Pikachu with five balloons in a shaped.
  • The time to activate the models of lures during the event was extended to 30 minutes.
  • The trainers who were unable to get the jump started were offered another chance.
  • The participants were presented with gifts and upgrades in the bags of items.

So, Pikachu Birthday Celebrations was a memorable occasion for players who gave the players huge sums of money.

What else do you need to be aware of regarding this birthday celebration? Pikachu Birthday?

The birthday celebrations during Pokemon Go had brought many difficulties to the game too. For instance, Ditto that often transforms into the form of a cape Pikachu was taken out of the game. This means that when you use Ditto it was replaced by the normal Pikachu appeared.

Furthermore, Pikachu was also seen wearing glasses and a hat as it transformed into Raichu. This was among the amazing features that were that was added in the game.


To conclude the article, we have shared the highlights of the Pikachu Birthday celebrations . This was one of the most auspicious events that took place in Pokemon Go. If you’re interested in further updates about this celebration, we suggest that you follow this account. Pokemon Go’s Twitter page. Pokemon Go.