A few years ago I made a terrible mistake. I hired an inadequate piano director with no experience. My once beautiful piano was accidentally damaged because the person Last Minute Movers it really didn’t know what they were doing! My piano had many memories associated with it. My parents gave it to me on my 16th birthday. We even did a duet together. Her mother taught her well. Now I blame myself for it being corrupted. Don’t let that happen. If you need to move your piano to a new home, we recommend hiring the best piano mover in your area. Read the facts about piano movers:

Facts about your piano and why you should hire an expert:

1. The piano is too heavy and awkward. In reality, it may weigh 1000 pounds or more. Hire professionals with the necessary experience. Attempting to move the piano yourself is not only a safety risk, but you also risk damaging your own piano. You risk injuring your back or breaking a bone. You also run the absolute risk of ruining the piano by dropping it or destroying other nearby items like walls or anything that gets in your way. Therefore, the extra cost of hiring a piano mover can be seen as a justifiable and inexpensive way to avoid catastrophic damage.

2. There is a reason people are willing to pay extra to hire a piano mover. These items require special care and attention when moving. They are difficult to carry and maneuver, especially around hallways and stairs.

3. Professionals use certain types of equipment and techniques to do their jobs properly. Many professionals use skids called piano boards, which are used specifically for transporting pianos. Professional piano carriers try to wrap the piano in a blanket and tie it to the board to further minimize damage. The piano boards are loaded onto a dolly that enables movers to carry the piano to the nearest exit.

4. Pianos are quite expensive and loved by many people. They can make a person sentimental and are often irreplaceable. Whenever you have to move your piano, take all precautions to avoid damaging it. Be very explicit with the mover about moving the piano.

5. If you are thinking of moving your piano to another room in your home, you should ask a professional piano mover for assistance. Professionals know what they’re doing. Never trust a friend or relative to do it.

6. A professional piano mover will give you gentle and loving attention every time you move this instrument. Their reputation is important to them and they strive to maintain it.

7. Professionals fully understand the structure and function of the piano. Especially if your piano has been in your family for many years, it will hurt your heart to see it damaged.

8. The piano is very heavy. Weight is evenly distributed throughout the case. Accidents can happen if you don’t hire a properly trained company with the right equipment with experience.

9. The price of the piano mover depends on the exact distance and difficulty of the move. When moving one or more pianos, check out our accurately itemized list.

The least expensive type of move under “typical circumstances” is to move a piano from one room in a house to another, or from the first floor of a house to the first floor of a nearby house.

Do you know a good piano mover? If not, do your homework online. Find a reputable mover near you, Google Pianos mover or Pittsburgh area mover or wherever you live.