Are you planning to buy from the Phar Sold Mybigcommerce store? If so, we suggest you stop by and read these Phar Sold Mybigcommerce reviews.

Phar Sold Mybigcommerce is the online website that deals with a wide variety of items such as games, cameras, DVDs, and home appliances. It is based in the United States and offers shipping services around the world. Also, if you are a big game enthusiast and want to set up your personal play space in your home, this will be the right place to buy some.

You will also find several electronic devices on the bestsellers page of the Phar Sold Mybigcommerce site.

What is Phar Sold Mybigcommerce?

Considering the reviews of Phar Sold Mybigcommerce, Phar Sold Mybigcommerce is the online store which includes a wide assortment of items like control boards, games, home appliances, electronics, baby chairs, appliances kitchen, etc.

In addition, the store is founded in the United States and its goal is to conquer the huge customer arena and proliferate its business all over the world. You can get the set of popular brand products from the store, like Noble House, Samsung, Whirlpool, Sony and NBA etc.

If you are planning to upgrade your old kitchen appliances and other electronics this Christmas season, visit these multiple stores as they have all your requirements. But before that, please read these Phar Sold Mybigcommerce reviews.

What are the specifications of Phar Sold Mybigcommerce?

• Website visit link –

• Products – Games, electronic devices, fantasy boards, etc.

• Date of creation of the domain: December 10, 2008

• Location – 4608 E 12th St, Suite A, Kansas City, MO, 64127

• Contact number specified – (888) 614-6007

• Helpdesk email address – [email protected]

• Discounts and offers – Not available.

• Order return and exchange – within 30 days of receipt of the order

• Refund for the order – within a few days

• Shipping costs – not specified

• Estimated delivery time – 2-5 working days

• Newsletter available

• Shipment tracking link – unspecified

• Delivery cancellation – unspecified

• Guarantee – not specified

• Method of payment – VISA, MasterCard, American Express and DISCOVER

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Benefits of Purchases from Phar Sold Mybigcommerce

• It contains a wide variety of multiple products.

• It contains products from popular brands.

• You are allowed to return your order within 30 days of shipment.

• You can keep up to date by subscribing to its newsletter.

• The site has mentioned its full contact details.

Disadvantages of shopping on Phar Sold Mybigcommerce

• The user interface is poor.

• We have not seen any valid search results for him on the Internet.

• There are negative reviews of Phar Sold Mybigcommerce found on the Internet.

• The contact information available on the site may be incorrect.

• It is not featured on any social media platform.

• It does not contain a lot of information about its products.

Is Phar Sold Mybigcommerce legit?

Phar Sold Mybigcommerce is the online site that sells several products on it like home appliances, decorating standards, cameras, games and other electronic items, etc. In addition, the site claims to offer the products of the popular brand.

In contrast, the Phar Sold Mybigcommerce has a poor user interface and does not contain any valid details. Likewise, there are negative customer reviews found on the internet regarding the site.

Hence, Phar Sold Mybigcommerce is not the reliable store.

Shopper’s Phar sold reviews on Mybigcommerce

According to the researchers, there are no customer reviews and comments mentioned on the site. But from online sources we found customer reviews where people said the site was a total scam and had vague intentions.

In conclusion, we have found negative customer reviews regarding the Phar Sold Mybigcommerce store.


After analyzing every nook and cranny, we have concluded that Phar Sold Mybigcommerce is entirely a suspicious store as there is no reliable evidence found regarding the site that can prove its legitimacy. Additionally, the buyer’s reviews obtained from online sources are also negative, and people have indicated that the site is fraudulent.