This article outlines the online game of simulation that launched the most recent edition of the game. Learn more about Pet SimulatorX exclusive Pets.

Are you an avid participant of games that simulate your life? Are you looking to use diverse characters that are available on the platform to differentiate yourself from the other players in the game and gain extra gaming points? If so, then you’re in the right place.

Gamers from PhilippinesPolandUnited Kingdom as well as players from Poland, the Philippines, the UK, as well as the United States are extremely interested in the latest features that are available to them since it gives many options of options. Check out this article thoroughly to know what you need to know about Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets.

About Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is the latest version from the Pet Stimulator. The game has taken its background music from earlier version that were Pet Simulator 2 and Pet Simulator 1. Five updates are available in this title.

Private servers are more expensive than the earlier versions. The earlier versions, Pet Simulator 2 and Pet Simulator 1 were both priced at the sum of 199 Robux for a month-long charge for the private server. However, the most recent version comes with a more expensive monthly price that is 400 Robux. Pet Simulator has more advantages than earlier versions.

Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets

  • Exclusive Shop is a major store that is part of Pet Simulator X, where users can buy various items like diamonds, increases, discounts for their pets, as well as game passes.
  • The various products are only able to be bought using Robux. The prices of all items is listed with the price tag. gamers can buy it through the payment method of Robux.
  • There are two kinds of sales offered on this pet shop that is exclusive to pets, that is Off-sale and On-sale. The complete details about the name, price in Robux damages and enchantments are listed clearly within the store.

On-sale Pets List

A collection of Pet Simulator Ex-exclusive Pets includes:

  • Nebula Dragon: The cost for buying Nebula Dragon is 5199 Robux. It is the most expensive, and the strongest pet in the list of available pets. It has a rate of damage of 35,000,000. It also has four enchantments that comprise Tech Coins V, Breaker III, Chest and Royalty.
  • Nyan Cat: Nyan Cat is available for purchase at 1299 Robux. Its range of damage is that is 8,500,000. This figure is more than Grumpy Cat. There are three different options for enchantments to this pet. It comes with Breaker III as well as chest, and magnet. Learn the details of Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets.
  • Grumpy Cat: Grumpy Cat is available for purchase by players with a price of $499 RUB. The damage is 175k and the enchantment that comes with it sparkles.

Pets for sale off-sale list

  • Doge: It costs 500 Robux, 800 damage , and is a teamwork enchantment.
  • Storm Wolf: This is one of the more expensive pets on the list. It was priced at 5500 Robux and 1,250,000 destruction power , Magnet, Chest Breaker III and Royalty as Enchantments.


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