If you are concerned about your home decor and want to give it a unique look, you should go for personalized home decor products. Not sure what a personalized product is? A product that’s been custom made for you and has your name, photo or anything else on it that only belongs to you. Idea behind placing personalized decoration items and products is to provide a feeling of owning the house.

In case you want to give a gift to someone who has shifted to a new house, a personalized gift related to home decor can do the trick. Here are some ideas for personalized home decor products.

Custom Mirror Photo Frame

It can surprise anyone who is not familiar with it. It’s actually a mirror, you can use it as a mirror but there would be a picture of your choice installed in it. Once you switch on the button the mirror will turn into a picture frame. You can put it anywhere in your home or on your dressing table as well. It can be a good addition to your home decor. And it can prove to be a good personalized gift for your friends or relatives. You can get their picture installed at the time of ordering the product. It would be a big surprise to the person you will be giving it to. She would be expecting a mirror and once you will switch it to the photo frame with her beautiful picture, that would be the magic moment.

Moon Lamp with Photo

You might have heard about the moon lamp. But a moon lamp with 3D photo print is something new. It’s actually a 3D printed moon lamp night light. A couple\s photo can be a perfect fit for that moon lamp. Once the lamp light is switched on along with light you will be able to see the picture. It will be black and white / grey picture for the realistic look of the moon. Overall a perfect personalized item for gift or for your own home. You can also use it as an anniversary gift for your wife.

Personalized Bobblehead

That is one of the most innovative personalized items for home decor. It’s made from waterproof clay. A complete handmade item with a very realistic view. It can be a statuette of a single person or a couple with a picture or pet. But you need to provide pictures from all angles to get this realistic looking custom bobblehead. If you are afraid of price, that won’t be a hurdle in getting this masterpiece for your home decor. It’s pretty reasonable you can expect around 100 bucks only.

So overall there can be a number of personalized products for home decor. Instead of buying a vase or common photo frame or lamp light, why not go for something that’s custom made for you? And it can also be a superb idea for a gift for someone’s new house or for any occasion..