The world is turning out to be environmentally conscious and people are selecting products that are eco-friendly as well as completely safe. By using and opting for eco-friendly options, you can do your duty towards Mother Nature. Hence you should get non woven bags by Claytons Australia and you would take a step towards an eco-friendly world creation.

What to know about Non-Woven Bags?

Non-woven bags are the ones that are formed up of fabric known as Non-Woven. The name has emerged from the fact that these bags are not really woven or sewn or knitted together. The Non-Woven bags are simply hundred percent green, recyclable and even reusable.

These bags have turned out to be popular as carry bags among folks in recent times. There are manifold carry bag manufacturers all around the globe who manufacture these kinds of bags. The Non-Woven carry bags can easily be available in all the shades and sizes. For example, you can take up a huge Non-Woven carry bag to go grocery shopping with your parents. You can take along your favourite pink shaded medium size Non-Woven bag to take your lunchbox to your workplace. To make you more excited about these types of bags, here are some of the many perks of non-woven bags you must know:


Non-woven bags are absolutely the in thing. These bags make for a style statement and simply convey the message that the company is showcasing its social responsibility. Whether you are a person or a brand; once you introduce these bags in your life, you do dip your toes in the current trend!

You would find utmost durability 

You know what? These non-woven types of bags are extremely durable as the short and long fibers are nicely bonded together through chemical formula as well as treatments. You would see that you cannot tear these bags easily. Moreover not to miss that the chemical and heat treatment type of things make these bags absolutely firm and strong. You can use these for quite a long time.

Environment Friendly option

These bags are hundred % green and eco-friendly. These bags are absolutely biodegradable. The cool thing is that non-woven bags do not release any type of toxic gas or chemical when being disposed of. On the other hand, you should also know that plastic bags are non-biodegradable and are dangerous to the environment. So, you are wise enough to choose wisely right!

Reusable bags

Indeed, you can choose to re -use these bags easily. Of course, if you feel that your bag has got dirty or filthy, just relax. Rather than simply throwing it off, you can wash it and re-use it. Hence, you can re-use the same bag multiple times without even compromising on its quality and effectiveness.


To sum up, since you know much about these non-woven bags, make sure that you try them out. After all, they serve your purpose and that too without harming the environment or anyone.