Friends are more like a family. You must have shared your childhood, spend the most beautiful memories with them. Whether it’s your school or college friend, your friends are very dear to you. So, when it comes to making them special, you are very particular about giving them a surprise. Deciding on a surprise is not an easy thing you need to plan it carefully. Giving small surprises in Gift boxes wholesale will makes them feel very special and it shows that you love them. Now you have decided to give them a surprise, the next thing how you can arrange it? What are the things that would require you to give a surprise?

These small and simple acts make more room in their hearts and they start feeling happy with you. There are many companies which are giving the services of gift boxes. Get the gift box packaging from any packaging company, and customize their gifts from them. One important thing which you should remember before planning a surprise is the occasion for which you are preparing it. For instance, whether you are planning a surprise for a birthday or for congratulating her/him. These occasions will demand different types of surprises. So, plan according to them.

Tips for planning a surprise

If you have just started from scratch, the following are the steps that can help you to plan the surprise.

Make your proper mind

Firstly, make your proper mind. Decide what type of surprise you want to arrange. Is it a birthday surprise or a congratulation surprise? Once you decide the type of your surprise, this will narrow down to arrange the party for them. Get contacted by the décor and packaging companies to get your gifts prepared. Gather your gift box packaging on the table and move to arrange them on the table.

Decide your budget

It is very important to decide your budget before planning a plan. This will help you to select the right gift for your friends. Take a paper and pen and jot down all the possible expenditures. For instance, write all the estimated or rough amounts for every product. Like the décor things: lights, Retail boxes wholesale prices, flowers amount, candles, balloons, ribbons, gift price, etc. once you write all of them on the paper, this will help you later.

Though you cannot generalize the amount, a rough estimation helps you a lot. Few other factors also depend and vary according to the situation. Like how many guests you are about to invite? The location: are you planning at a restaurant or home? The meal you are going to serve and another type of expenditure. Usually, surprises do not cost you much like other types of parties, as they are meant to spend them with a small gathering. So, it will not cost you much.

Location for surprise

After making your proper mind for a surprise. Then you should move to decide the location for it. Whether you want to surprise them at your own place, or you want to go at their place. If you decided to give them a surprise at your place. Then gather all the custom gift boxes in your room or living room. If you want to decorate the surprise in your room it will be a more great idea. As your friend will comfortably move to your room. Decorate the walls with vanity lights, and you can place them on tables too. Take help from the side table and place all the wrapped gifts on it.

Décor your room/ living room

You must do all things before the day of celebration. Gather them in your room and start decorating every part of your room. Start by decorating the tables. Fill the tables with flowers and place all the candles around the gift boxes wholesale. As the surprises are meant to hide from the person, so you should not switch on the lights. Therefore, placing candles around the gifts will illuminate them in the dim lights. Then move to decorate the walls, add the net curtains on the walls. Paste the word happy birthday on the wall. You can also add an age number on the wall with hydrogen balloons.

The most important part of the decorating room is the entrance. You should décor the entrance properly. Fix some party poppers and buckets on the door and as the person enters it booms on them.

Add a background music

Once you decorate all the room. Do not forget to add the background music. Set your home theatre. Switch it on and check it once whether it is working or not. You can add any type of background music. For instance, if you arranging a surprise for a birthday, so you can add the birthday music. But if you want to add any song, there is no restriction. You can add any type of music.

Surprisingly invite her/him to your place

As you have planned a surprise for them, so do not let them known about your any move. This can only be done if you invite them to your place one day before their actual birthday. This way they will never be able to guess it. As they will know that their birthday is on the third day, but your wise move will surprise them. Make any excuse and invite them. But before inviting them, hide all the surprise gift box packaging in the room. For instance, you can excuse that you are not feeling and you need their help. Similarly, you can also invite them that you want to show them your shopping, etc. This way you can make any type of excuse to invite them.

Once they arrived at your place, pretend for some time. Give them a juice and start talking to them about their day. Ask them about their life. In short, you have to indulge them in your talk. This way they will never be able to guess your surprise.

Set the time and date

It is the most important factor, as you have to make sure whether they are free on that day or not. This means you have to set the right time and date for this surprise. Their availability is the most important factor in arranging this surprise. You can talk to them without letting them known about the surprise. Just like a date, decide the time. Whether you want to surprise them at night or in the morning. If you want to give them a surprise at night, then you should place all the gift boxes wholesale before the night of surprise. So, this way you will get plenty of time to arrange the surprise. And you will not miss any single décor idea.

Do not forget to buy a special cake for them

While organizing the plan, do not forget to buy a special cake for them. Special cakes require advanced bookings, so make sure you have made the booking. Add their name or you can also add their age on them. This will make them feel more special. Buy the birthday cake in special gift box packaging.