The goal of this guide is to provide the truthful Peekazo reviews to help buyers make the right purchase choice.

Are you looking to transform your old CRT television into Smart TV? Are you in search of an online retailer to purchase your next TV? is a newly-launched online store offering a variety of smart televisions. is a new online store selling various models of televisions that can be tailored to the needs of buyers. The website is somewhat suspicious due to the various aspects that are discussed in the article.

The site claims to provide services to customers worldwide including customers from United States. However, make sure to read the Peekazo Review on the website prior to making purchases in the store.

What is is an e-commerce store that claims to provide various television sets that can meet the customers’ needs. The online store was created recently and boasts to offer the largest range of smart TVs as well as LED TVs.

The site attracts users all over the world and includes America. United States. The website is simple in its design and layout since it focuses solely on one specific category: television. Customers can search for every television model available on the site because they include detailed descriptions and a price guide.

The site offers a broad selection of TVs and claims to offer them at the most affordable price. However, customers are waiting to find out whether Peekazo is legitimate or is it a fraud website.

Specifications or Key Features of the Website

  • Website –
  • Product Category – LED and Smart Televisions
  • Email Support – [email protected]
  • Phone Number – Not Mentioned
  • Working hours – Every day between 10 Am until 6:30 Pm in GMT +8
  • Payment Modes – PayPal and Major Card Payments
  • Shipping Policy – All orders are completed within the next 24 hours. The standard shipping companies deliver the package.
  • Refund and Return – Product return requests are only considered if the request for return is made within 7 days from the date of purchase or delivery. A refund will be issued after examining the product returned.
  • Social Media – No Links
  • Address – Not Shared
  • Website Age: 17 days Registered on 17th September 2021

Pros of Peekazo com

Before we move on to the Review section, let’s first look at some of the pros of the site.

  • The site is simple in its layout
  • The easy browsing of items
  • Product descriptions are available
  • There are a variety of new models of LED and Smart TVs.
  • Clearance sale at low prices on sale

Cons of Peekazo com

  • Unrealistic pricing policy
  • No shipping information is available.
  • No owner details or addresses shared
  • No contact number was found
  • There aren’t any online reviews currently available.
  • There is no information on the return or processing time for refunds or the process

Is Peekazo com Legit or Scam? is a newly-launched eCommerce site that offers a wide range of TVs at discounted prices. However, whether it’s legitimate or not is a question many customers are seeking answers to. Therefore, here are some details that will help you assess the legitimacy of this website.

  • The URL of the website is however, it does have an image of Walmart that does not have anything to do with the site. This can make the website appear suspicious.
  • The contact information of the owner or telephone number are not disclosed except for an email ID that is different with the domain’s name.
  • There aren’t any reviews online Peekazo Com Reviews that we have found following a thorough investigation.
  • The domain’s age is 17 days old as it was launched on September 17th, 2021 and buying from website that’s less than six months old could mean you risk your banking and personal details.
  • The domain is valid up to 17th Sep 2022.
  • The trust score of the website is one percent, and the trust rank of 0.6/100 indicates that the website is extremely suspect and requires further investigation.
  • The price of the product is not realistic and difficult to believe.

In light of all the above it is believed to be extremely suspect and possibly a scam.

What Customers Have to Say?

After conducting research and analysis the website, we did not find any Peekazo reviews on com on the web. The reason is that the website has only been around for 17 days and has not yet gotten the global consumer’s interest. It has many flaws and doesn’t have a customer reviews section. Therefore, customers won’t be able to find any comments or reviews from online consumers.

If you don’t read the reviews and reviews, it can be difficult consumers to determine the legitimacy of the website. Make sure you arm yourself with useful tips on how to evaluate the PayPal scam.

Conclusion is an online store that claims to sell high-end LCD and televisions with smart technology for sale at a bargain price during a clearance sale. It claims to offer impossible-to-believe prices for TVs. However, don’t be able to trust the claims of this company without looking over the reviews on the internet. Peekazo reviews.