Did you ever see a Hollywood 1990 film? Films like Casino, Edward Scissorhands and The Fugitive are just a few examples. Goodfellas, a biographical movie, was released in the United States September 19, 1990.

It was a classic film and one of the most important films ever made. Paul Sorvino, who played the role of Paul Cicero in the film, has recently died. Continue reading to find out more about him and Paul Sorvino Kids.

Who’s Paul Sorvino?

Paul Sorvino was an actor and a businessman. He also sang opera, sculpted, and wrote. His role as Paul Cicero, a gangster in Goodfellas (1990) is well-known. Paul Sorvino, 83, died Monday. His wife DeeDee Sorvino was by his side. According to some reports, he died from natural causes.

Paul Sorvino was often a thug or gangster, and sometimes he was also a defendant of the law. From his first marriage to Lorraine Davis, he has three children. These are Mira Sorvino (54), Amanda Sorvino (51) or Michael Sorvino (44)

Paul Sorvino Net Worth 2022

Paul Sorvino was a student at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. He wanted to be an opera singer, but he later chose the theatre path. He has appeared in over 50 films and numerous TV shows, including the hit series “Law and Order”.

His first film was “Where’s Poppa?” an American black comedy film. Adam Marino directed his last film, “The Ride”. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Paul Sorvino has a net worth of $10 million. He was a great performer throughout his career and gained a lot respect. Goodfellas Paul Sorvino‘s death shocked his family and fans.

Reactions to Paul Sorvino’s death

Many were saddened by the passing of Paul Sorvino, an actor, writer, and opera singer. Mira Sorvino was his daughter, who also made a career in acting.

She posted on Twitter, “My father, the great Paul Sorvino has died.” She also said how much she loved him, and that he was a wonderful father. DeeDee, his current wife, said that her hearts were broken and that there will never again be another Paul Sorvino. According to Paul Sorvino Wikipedia, Sorvino stated in a 2014 interview that he would prefer to leave a legacy than one of a gangster, thug, or tough guy.

Final Verdict

Paul Sorvino died Monday, 25 July at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. He established the Asthma Foundation and ran a horse rescue organization in Pennsylvania. He was also an accomplished sculptor and a prolific opera singer.

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