Patrick, whose full name is Patrick Henry Lambert, was born on September 4, 1963 in Cherokee, North Carolina.

He is an American native one who worked as the main head of the eastern Cherokee Indian team from 2015 to 2017 reached many successes in his life so far, known for his great personality in Australia. He worked on higher posts and gained so many experiences in his life so far. To learn more about it, or this article to the end.

About the family.

Patrick Lambert Harvey Norman was a member of the Indian Cherokee team. He was born in the Indian Cherokee hospital, and his parents were Henryk Ray Lambert and Patricia Steed Lambert.

Patrick Lambert has five sisters. His home was also in Cherokee, North Carolina. He lived with his parents and five sisters. The profession of the Father was as a police officer, and then his father worked as “Tribal Ambassador”; He worked in a full regalite, as well as known as “browsing”. Patrick worked in so many stages in his life.

Lambert as Patrick Lambert Harvey Norman, his father who was also known as the “main Henry”, also known as the “most photographed Indian” in the world. He was known as a multiplayer. People had photos with each other, and he died in 2007. He is a well-known man and appeared on television.

Life and career: His education.

First of all, he made his training at Swain Country, as well as a Cherokee Indian booking. He also attended school in Seville, Spain.

Patrick Lambert Harvey Norman married after 1985, as in April 1986, his wife is Cyndi. In his career, Patrick, as he made a job as an adviser to a drug and alcohol in a hospital in North Carolina.

He joined the army when he was 23 years old and began completing his studies in 1989 in Sociology BS and as in Criminology from the University of North Carolina and School of Law. He studied until 1993.

Patrick Lambert Harvey Norman: The main director and retirement.

After graduating from study and bar, he began to work as a tribal lawyer for the tribe, also known as the General Affiliate. Working there, he adopted the position of the first executive director for the Gamal Tribal Cherokee commission.

Then Patrick Lambert Harvey Norman retired in 2015 after 22 years his career works as a general director of the executive director. He suspected the tribal administration of tribal abuse and ask for investigations. Richard Sleed replaced him.


Patrick Lambert was a well-known person who now works on various platforms in his life. He stands for drug problems, rights and tourism, etc. won 71% of general choices in September 2015, also known in Australia.

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