is an ecommerce shopping site in theUnited States This company sells custom-made products. Patiencerr is able to work with a variety of professional suppliers in order to deliver high quality products to customers. Patiencerr is able to provide a custom selection of products, depending on your needs. Patiencerr offers custom products for your home, office, or business. It sells home and office products, as well health care products, TVs, computers, tablets and other electronics. It is important to read the reviews about any website before you shop. However, we couldn’t find any.Patiencerr reviews. This is a small glimpse of the Patiencerr site.

What is Patiencerr and how can it help you?

Many online shopping websites are growing all the time. However, it is not clear if these shopping websites are legitimate and deliver the goods promised. It is essential to research each online store before you shop. Money is the most precious thing that anyone can have. We can’t lose it by being innocent. We thoroughly researched the Patiencerr website on your behalf. For your convenience, we have provided all the details in this article.

We review Patiencerr reviews to learn more about this online store. Unfortunately, there were no reviews. This article contains all the details.

Specifications of the Patiencerr Website:

Site Link

Trust Score: 1/10

Domain Age20 Days

Domain Creation Date:2021-06-29

Domain Expiration Date2022-06-29

Contact number:+86 18487111111

Email Addressemail: [email protected]

Contact person:

Address:An address has not been given.

You can cancel your order by calling the following number:Cancellation accepted before shipment.

Delivery cost:Extra shipping costs

ReturnCustomers have 14 days to return any unused product.

Exchange:Information not available.

Reviews of PatiencerrThis is:Patiencerr has not been reviewed.

Payment MethodPayPal or Credit Card

There are many benefits to shopping at the Patiencerr website:

  • Patiencerr gives you many options to select customized products for your office and home.
  • It is now equipped with an HTTPS Padlock.
  • offers many products that will make your home smart.
  • Complete description of products

Cons of shopping at Patiencerr website:

  • The prices of some Patiencerr products seem to be higher than local stores.
  • Patiencerr reviewsThese are not currently available.
  • Patiencerr only has one image for its products on their website. Customers are unable to find another image of the products that they desire to buy on Patiencerr’s website.

Is Patiencerr reliable?

There are many things that you can do to make the Patiencerr website more appealing than its disadvantages.

Only then can we confirm its legitimacy.

  • This website does not have official social media accounts.
  • Our research did not reveal any.Review of Patiencerr The internet.
  • Patiencerr had the icons of social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, G+. Youtube and Pinterest were also mentioned on their official website. However, these icons don’t point to the official sites.
  • This website has a low Trust Score. Only 1%
  • The domain was registered recently (20 days ago).
  • High spam levels

We cannot conclude that Patiencerr is trustworthy if we consider these parameters. This shows that the Patiencerr website is not legitimate. It has a high spam score, low trust score, a short domain age, and other missing details.

Patiencerr reviews: Customer reviews

Even though we didn’t find any online reviews, we provide all the information about this online shop for your reference. Click here for more information about PayPal Scam.

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Final Verdict

It has low trust scores, no social media presence, a short life expectancy, and no DNS records. Patiencerr reviews. There are many scam websites offering fraudulent shopping that want to make money. We can conclude that Patiencerr’s website is not reliable based on the research. Therefore, you must not shop at this website.