When trading in Path of Exile, there is a certain etiquette that you should be following.

Where PoE Trade is concerned, there is a certain etiquette that players should follow. This way, everyone involved can have a positive experience when dealing with the trading aspect of the game. Here we will be outlining some of the guidelines that players are suggested to follow when trading items for Path of Exile.

Finding Websites

Before we can even start to trade with other players, we must first find a resource that we can use. It is vital that we find a reliable source so that we don’t risk being scammed. That said, there is a whole bunch of red flags that you can look out for. For example, you’ll want to look out for a site that offers customer support. A 24/7 chat support system where you can raise any questions or concerns is a big plus.

It will also be worth your while to check out any reviews of the website. Getting feedback from past customers can give you a much better idea of just how effective that website is, and whether you should be using it. Look out for anyone asking for personal details too, and just be very careful when dealing with trading.

You can use trade chat to find the items that you desire, or go to in-game noticeboards. Those using this latter method are going to need to be in the right location for it to work. There are the town’s noticeboards for you to look at to see if anyone is trading at that time. That being said, it would be far less of a hassle if you were to just take your PoE currency and such to a website that offers PoE trading instead. When dealing with your Exalted Orb and more, you’ll want to make life as easy as you can.

Communicate With Sellers

When you get to the point where you have found your desired item and there’s a seller available, you then need start the contacting process. Hit the copy whisper button to send over in the chat, paste it then you’ll have to wait for the seller to then respond. Naturally, this isn’t a given, since sellers might not even reply. Don’t wait around too long, and maybe try another seller if this is the case.

If they do accept your invite, then you should go with the seller to their hideout. Grab your PoE currency ready just in case since you won’t know where this player has put their stash inside the hideout. Having your Path of Exile currency with you before going to the hideout is going to make the transition a lot easier to go through. As a seller, you’d receive the whisper and you’ll decide for yourself whether it’s worth going back to your hideout and invite the buyer to PoE trade.

Now that you’re in the hideout, you can right click on the other player. When the party list comes up, choose the trade option. Place the currency into the PoE trade window to get started. If you’re selling an item, then place said item in the trade window. After the player has accepted the trade request, hover over the item that you have requested and hit accept it to finish the trade.

As you’ll be able to see, when looking at it on the surface, it is a pretty straightforward process to trade with other players. You head to the website that you’ve chosen, paste your whisper into the relevant window to be sent to the buyer or seller. Accept the invite, take your PoE currency to their hideout then start PoE trading. Send or accept your trade request in the hideout, add them to the trade window and you’re all done.

General PoE Trading Etiquette

That said, in terms of general PoE trading etiquette, you’ll hear differing ideas on what it should be. It is important for you to be polite with those you’re trading with, something that wasn’t mentioned in the general guidelines for PoE trading above. This is more of a personal choice, but you’re going to find that this will make the experience much smoother. Try and include as much information as you can in your post. This includes the name of the item, the selling price and the offer price. Having all of this information will make it easier for the item to be found.

Sellers may not reply straight away, and that is completely fine. If you’ve not received a reply, then let some time pass before you start asking them again. You never know, they might just be very busy at that particular time. There’s no need to spam them should they be genuinely busy, after all. Be patient with your PoE currency and you’ll soon get the deal that you’re looking for.

What do you think of trading in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!

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