In the report below we’ve discussed the passing of Clouds and Stars Genshin, the timeline, and the rewards of the most recent event in the well-known online game.

Are you a regular online gamer? Are you looking forward to events that gaming portals host? You’ve heard of Genshin Impact’s latest event. Genshin Impact has announced. Are you thrilled about the benefits that Genshin Impact is about to provide in its latest event? If so, then go through this article to learn the specifics.

In our article today we’ve talked about the Passage of Clouds and Stars Genshin the game’s most recent event. Players from all over the world, particularly those in Philippines as well as those in United States, are eagerly awaiting this special occasion.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a well-known role-playing game which is available on many gaming consoles. miHoYo is a renowned game development studio located in China has launched the game exactly one year ago on the 28th of September, 2020. There is no cost for playing this game and players must use the currency in the game to purchase virtual goods.

This game is going through an update to Version 2.1. The game’s developers have announced the Passage of Clouds and Stars Genshin as an event for login that offers appealing rewards in this update.

What is Genshin Impact About?

The game takes place in the world of Tevyat and The main protagonist, the Traveler is searching for of his twin. While on the hunt the player will have to combat numerous enemies using their magic abilities. The player is able to switch between four characters between games through an effortless process. In addition to using magic skills players are able to manage the character’s swimming or glide, climb or run, according to the terrain.

Passage of Clouds and Stars Genshin

The event is one of login events the game’s creators have announced when they announced the game’s version 2.1 that is named Floating The World in the Dark. The event starts at 4am on 28 September 2021 and continue until the update is completed, i.e., at 5.59 am on the 13th of October 2021.

This is among the events that were released in the most recent update, and other events include Moonlight Merriment, Lunar Realm, Hyakunin Ikki, Spectral Secrets, and more.

What is special About Passage of Clouds and Stars?

The players will be rewarded with impressive rewards when they log into the game any time during seven days in the time frame. The Passage of Clouds and Stars Genshinis providing the following rewards in accordance with the day of login.

Login DayRewardAmplification Factor
OneIntertwined FateOne
TwoMoraEighty Thousand
ThreeIntertwined FateTwo
FourMystic Enhancement OreEighteen
FiveIntertwined FateTwo
SixHero’s WitEight
SevenIntertwined FateFive

All of these rewards are beneficial for the player to progress in the contest with incredible abilities. The only requirement for participation in this contest is that players have the rank required for adventure of at the minimum of five.


The players from all over the world will profit from this chance to earn various rewards, with the most appealing one being 10 times the value in Intertwined Fate. The passage to Clouds and Stars Genshin shall be over when the upgrade ofVersion 2.1 is complete on October 13, 2021.

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