Military books are all about loyalty, sacrifice, and devotion to one’s motherland. The main target readers of this niche includes; the soldiers, of course. This niche could further cater those compassionate individuals who love reading about historical wars, whereabouts of particular soldiers, and their life happening scenarios, etc.

 The collection of these books plays a role in reviving our love towards the country and reminds us about some values that we must implement in our daily life. On the other hand, trauma, heroism, tragic ends, and war are considered to be the signature themes of the best military books to read.

Now which book wins the competition and includes in the list of best selling military books that solely depends on author’s skill and use of language. They can either make it an engaging piece of work, or something not worth reading at all.

The Jaffrey Bradley book, “Running with Rollie,” takes a turn discarding all the cliché themes and providing a new vision to readers. This creatively crafted story portrays a beautiful bond between soldier and dog – the golden retriever.

How Jaffrey Book stands in the limelight as the best military dog book? How is it distinguished from others?

What types of books make the best ones to read, and what differentiates a good military book from another one? All these questions reckon towards disputable topics as they’re solely based on one’s perspective to see life. It depends on what vision reader have for military.

 However, we can all agree that the best military books are those where there is a strong message of loyalty, or any emotion that could move readers. This is seen in one of the best military dog books, such as “Running with Rollie.

It all started with soldier adopting dog from an animal shelter, the bonding both shared throughout the story, that’s what make this story an engaging one for readers. The plot further arouses curiosity in readers to know, what could happen next when soldier will depart for job again. Even today, we see how lonely people are addicted to their dog pets to kill their loneliness.

What makes running with Rollie the best military book?

Reading “Running with Rollie” is a complete relaxing cure to all your worries. We all agree to this universal fact that dog’s love is unconditional, without any demand and lure of returning. This military dog book is an uplifting tale and a narration of a lifelong bond.

The book hints at the unforgettable experience of getting your first pet dog and elaborates on the moving journey of life together. Running, jogging, and playing together, deployment brings in the period of separation. Waiting for his return, Rollie would wander the grounds and puddles to find her owner.

The book “Running with Rollie” is an emotional and touching story of two companions, soldier and a dog who find themselves stranded. It features a young soldier coming home from his deployment, only to discover that there’s no one waiting for him at the end of it all–but this time around, finally he got someone to wait for him: A golden retriever named “Rollie.”

The Illustration clearly shows soldiers returning from Iraqi Freedom operation, but he has no one to celebrate his victory. Both dog and soldier have been suffering isolation at their ends, but they got filled with determination again the day both embark on new journey together. 

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