Performance evaluation is a process that every company should go through to have a workforce that is relevant and impactful to the business. Employees work hard to ensure their performance is noticeable to the management, as good performances lead to more bonuses and salary hikes.

There is a lot at stake for employees during performance evaluation, but the primary aim for performance evaluation should be to encourage and help employees in areas they are lacking and find ways to help them be more productive. This shouldn’t be an intimidating process but a time for employees to build on their skills and performance. uKnowva helps organisations have a clearer view of their output with the performance management system, so there aren’t any mistakes with the performance evaluation process. 

In this approach, team leaders and other stakeholders take on a more active role in a project, ensuring that their own needs, as well as the requirements of the workforce, are understood. To enhance the quality of life in the workspace, project managers and their teams work together for a participative approach toward performance evaluation and the decision-making process. Know about this implementation of the participative approach in yielding better performance outcomes below. 

5 Ways A Participative Approach Yields A Better Performance Evaluation  

Mutual trust and respect

Without respect and mutual trust, planning and assessment cannot be done. These must be developed through time, but the likelihood of such growth is increased by beginning with an awareness of the regional culture and customs if a project demands it. Without this, a company becomes a breeding ground of discrimination, and this approach falls apart. 

Long-term trust and commitment will be deeply enabled by respecting people and the information and abilities they possess. Companies also learn to give people opportunities and challenges without being held back by their biases. In this day and age, the most successful companies have realised that without the foundations of mutual trust and respect for their employees’ growth in the company can become challenging. 

For example, managers do not need to micromanage their employees with uKnowva HRMS. The performance management system runs on autopilot, and teams can even rate themselves for the achieved goals and KRAs. The performance already gets highlighted in the live dashboard. So, there is no scope to mess around with the scores once they are registered and ready for audit at the backend.


A company’s understanding of both the initial demands of the project’s beneficiaries and its long-term impacts is made aware through the participatory approach. If those who will benefit from the project are included from the start in deciding what needs to be reviewed and why a company will be able to function with clarity. The performance management process of the project can be determined using this approach as well. 

The business is considerably more likely to guide its workforce in the direction that suits it best, accurately assess a project’s efficacy and implement the necessary modifications with the help of uKnowva’s HRMS performance management system. uKnowva helps your company assess the goals of the project and manage company resources and workflow for the best results and productivity. 

Ongoing employee training and development

The participative approach imparts knowledge and training that applies to the workplace and other aspects of employee development. Participatory evaluation promotes critical thinking, collaborative effort, problem-solving, independent action, meeting deadlines, and other skills that employers value. 

In a way, this approach to performance evaluation helps facilitate training and development during this project. This also puts employees to the test of possessing the multiple skills required to handle big projects and lets them score better for their performance evaluation. uKnowva will help your company find employees with the right skills and talent according to the project’s requirements. 

Talent managers can upload new course modules and sessions after the eLMS integration on the uKnowva HRMS from its extension store. It will boost continuous learning amongst the team members to become indispensable and more valuable to the firm and its outcomes. 

Improves employee confidence and self-worth 

A participative approach to performance evaluation can help increase self-worth and confidence in the company workforce. This can be attributed to working closely with project beneficiaries and investors, as they often tend to give validation to employees who are producing quality work. 

Otherwise, many employees can lack confidence and self-worth due to various societal factors. However, these projects help employees show their competence to the investors and project beneficiaries, thus giving them a sense of value.  

Creativity and collaboration 

A participative approach can inspire employees with creativity in the spirit of collaboration. With this approach, since everyone is part of the project, It can inspire employees to have a more creative flow. Moreover, a participatory approach can be a revelation for those who have never participated in anything similar, opening doors to a new way of thinking and handling the project. uKnowva HRMS offers social collaboration tools and features for teams to connect, brainstorm ideas, and spearhead projects with a feeling of harmony, belongingness, and oneness among the team members. It enables them to think proactively and find out-of-the-box solutions together.


When starting a project and throughout its course, using a participatory approach in performance evaluation is generally the best way for employers and investors to learn what they need to know about the workforce and inner workings of the company and its projects. 

Furthermore, it offers advantages for the company as a whole, as well as for employees individually. With uKnowva’s features, companies can now witness the above benefits and help provide the right goals for your company to achieve. uKnowva HRMS is the right performance management software to help your company usher in growth and success in its employees.