There are some cigars that have been around for a long time and are considered iconic and classic. The Partagas Lusitanias is one of those cigars. It is an elegant, yet robust cigar that satisfies your palate. The Partagás Lusitania is a cigar that has been manufactured for over 100 years. It was one of our favorite cigars this year, but this cigar requires a particularly large, pristine tobacco leaf to fully cover all seven and a half inches of its length. Here is our review on the Partagás Lusitania.

History of the Partagás Lusitanias

Partagás Lusitanias has been around long enough to be considered one of Cuba’s iconic and classic cigars. In 2017, it was one of the finest cigars we smoked. But double coronas like the Lusitania require a particularly large, pristine tobacco leaf to fully cover all seven and a half inches of the cigar. Here, things get a little complicated.

How the Partagas Lusitania is made

The Cuban cigar is a luxury item. It is made with the highest-quality tobacco and is carefully rolled by hand. The Lusitania is a beautiful cigar. It was released in the 1990s and is made with a ligero and habano tobaccos that are aged for a minimum of one year. This cigar has become an instant classic and people love to smoke it. But you don’t really get to know how great it really is until you’ve smoked one at its best. when Partagas introduced the Lusitania, it was the largest Cuban cigar ever and to this day remains only a little less dominant than the cigar that gave it its name. The Lusitania lives up to its name, with a consistently strong and full-bodied smoke that is now available in a wide range of sizes. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the cigar’s history, how the Lusitania is made, and how it stands up to the modern day competition.

Rank: 21

Rating: 92

Price: £21.70

Made By: Habanos S.A.

Factory Location: Cuba

Dimensions: 7 5/8″ by 49 ring gauge

Filler: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuba

Strength: Full

What are the flavors of Partagas Lusitanias?

Cigar aficionados will find much to love in the Partagas Lusitania. This cigar is bursting with flavor, including spice, wood, creaminess, fruit, almonds, orange, floral notes, and coffee. It’s a complex smoke that is sure to please. The Partagas Lusitania is also well-constructed and has a nice even burn. smokers will want to give this cigar a try.

How do you smoke Partagas Lusitanias?

1.       Using a cutter, cut the cigar cap. Most men slice too much; shoot for 1/8 of an inch.

2.       Toast the foot of the cigar. Holding the cigar sideways with a insole unsaturated in butane, apply warmth to the foot of the cigar while rotating continuously in order to warm the tobacco for easier lighting.

3.       Light the partagas lusitanias cigar while holding it (without letting it touch the flame). Light it gradually, not quickly, without stopping to let the smoke in your mouth.

4.       Make sure you mask it properly. Blow on it in front of the partagas lusitanias cigar drawer to ensure that it is evenly lit. Make sure the entire end is lit; re-light until this is achieved or the cigar will burn unevenly.

5.       Hide cigarette butts and throw away used lighters. Smoke without inhaling by sucking on a cigarette as if you were sucking on a straw. Close off your nostrils and exhale between each 30 and 60 seconds.

6.       Enjoy your after an ash pulls up to about an inch before tapping off. No smashing the cigar in the tray; a gentle tap along the side will do.

Smoking a Partagas Lusitanias

Smoking a Partagas Lusitanias cigar is an experience unto itself. These thick cigars are made with a dark, oily wrapper and a veiny tobacco leaf. They’re filled with a blend of honey, cognac, and spices, which gives them a unique flavor profile. The first third of the cigar is very sweet, with hints of honey and cinnamon. The second third is where the spice really comes through, with a peppery flavor that lingers on the palate. The final third is where the cigar really shines, with notes of caramel and almond. If you’re lucky enough to smoke one of these cigars that is old enough, you’ll also get hints of honey and spice from the aging process.

Additional information

The ring gauge of a cigar is the diameter of the cigar, measured in 64ths of an inch. A 49 ring gauge cigar is therefore just under 1/2 an inch in diameter.

Most cigars are made in factories, although some are still made by hand. The tobacco for cigars is grown in many different countries, but Cuba is renowned for producing some of the finest cigars in the world.

Cigars are usually smoked slowly and savored, as opposed to being inhaled like cigarettes. This makes them much more enjoyable for many people, and gives them a different flavor than cigarettes.

Appearance of the Partagas Lusitanias

There’s no messing around with the Partagas Lusitanias Cuban Cigar. Double Coronas (or Prominentes as they call them in Cuba) measure 7 5/8″ by 49 ring gauge, so even seasoned aficionados will notice this cigar instantly. This large ring gauge usually produces a complex cigar with rich flavors. Due to the larger gauge, the filler blend has more room to do its thing and reveal its own flavor. Also, a cigar like this burns slowly, resulting in a cooler smoke. The ring gauge of this Cuban cigar is even larger, only the best of the best torcedores are trusted to roll the Double Corona shape since the tobacco leaf needs to cover the length of the stick.

Partagas Lusitania Experience

The Partagas Lusitania is a world-renowned cigar that has been enjoyed by connoisseurs for generations. These cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic and feature a double corona size, making them one of the largest on the market. When smoking a Partagas Lusitania, you can expect a smooth, rich flavor with hints of chocolate and coffee. These cigars are truly a luxurious experience and perfect for any cigar smoker.

Partagas lusitanias: where to buy?

Many people are interested in buying a box of Partagas cigars. There are many pages that sell the box of Lusitanian Partagas, but if you really want to buy an original Lusitanian Partagas, the best page that I recommend is They sell cigars that you can buy worldwide, but they sell an original box that has a certificate of authenticity with the original Lusitanian Partagas.

Partagas Lusitanias Cuban Cigar Reviews:

1. These cigars are perfect for the occasion, which is why I love them. They aren’t things that I would smoke every day, but they are the perfect thing to smoke when I have a lot of time to enjoy them and when I want to relax. I love how they are made with a lot of care and quality.

2. My favorite thing about these cigars is how satisfying. They are well-made and the cigars are rolled so perfectly in the wrapper. The smoke is smooth and sweet, and they have a nice aftertaste. I love the Lusitanias because they are large enough to really enjoy and they last for a really long time. I would recommend these cigars to all cigar connoisseurs.

3. This cigar is my favorite for its flavor and aroma. The Lusitanias is a great cigar for a special occasion, especially when you want to savor it and take your time with it. It has a perfect balance of flavors that make it a perfect cigar for leisurely moments.

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