The global pandemic not only increased the anxiety amongst people due to lack of things to do, but it also posed serious pressure on relationships and marriages worldwide. Especially in Singapore, according to statistics, the number of marriages that took place in 2020, since the COVID-19 situation began spreading, is only approximately 22,000, a 10% drop from 2019.

Instead of giving up on your partner, seek couples counselling and rekindle your relationship again.

Other than marriages, even relationships were ending in break-ups during the pandemic and one prime contributing reason to this is known to be the lockdown restrictions and the limitation to be able to meet your partners. Now, not all relationships are ending, but the number of fights is said to be increasing with each passing day. Luckily, the availability of couple counselling in countries like Singapore is a life saviour for many relationships. There are both online and offline couple counselling services available in Singapore and these experts work effectively to resolve each partner’s concern to bring you and your partner closer together again. To know more about the benefits of couple counselling for your relationship, read below.

Common Relationship Concerns

Not every couple has the same reason for fighting or being on the verge of a breakup. Multiple reasons can cause issues in a relationship and the common ones include the following, all of which can be resolved through couple counselling.

  • The communication gap between you and your partner
  • Feeling distant emotionally
  • Lack of intimacy or respect for one another
  • Potential possibility of an affair
  • External life events like COVID-19, acting as a barrier between you and your partner

How Couple Counseling Helps?

Couple counselling is one of the most popular forms of therapy that effectively works towards resolving all concerns of both partners in a relationship with professional knowledge and expertise.

Third Person Perspective

One of the biggest advantages of seeking couple counselling to save your relationship is that you receive a third-person perspective which is highly necessary, especially for long relationships. There are situations wherein couples do not realize the actual cause behind the endless fights and disagreements. This is where a couple of counselling steps in and gives you a clear perspective on your relationship, reducing the potential fights and disagreements greatly.

Virtual Spark

One common reason for the growing distance between you and your partner in the current situation is the global pandemic and the lockdown restrictions. It may feel like it is not much you can do while being at home but that’s not true. Once you begin couples counselling with your partner, you will be able to keep the spark between you to act with constant guidance and fun activities to feel close to your partner, even when you both are not around each other physically.  

Better Understanding

One common reason why people or couples disagree is due to a lack of understanding between the partners. The older the relationship, the more the chances for partners to feel like they are not being understood. With the help of couple counselling, you get a medium to voice your opinions and thoughts freely, while understanding your partner’s points of view. This will help rebuild the relationship on a positive note.

Increased Confrontation And Honesty

When you or your partner begin to hide their emotions, feelings, viewpoints, etc., you know there is trouble in paradise. One reason why couples counselling is helpful in this aspect is it encourages both partners to be honest with each other and confront each other openly to open a proper passage of communication between the two. The confrontations can be anything like physical needs, personal values, and morals, emotional concerns, etc. Once the partners open up to each other, the chances of disagreements and fights go down significantly.

Acknowledgement Of Partner Expectations

Not everyone in a relationship talks openly about what they want from their partners, but they still expect them to do it either way. This increased expectation then boils down to disagreements and major fallouts between the partners. Couple counselling encourages partners to sit down and discuss every aspect of their life both alone and together with each other to help understand each other better. This is necessary as it clarifies the major expectations well in advance and allows both the partners to work separately and together as individuals, to be happy together.

To conclude, every couple counselling session will act as an eye-opener for your relationship as you will find out new things per session. It is very important to make the most of the time you have with your partner, especially during the pandemic, and given the social distancing requirement. Both you and your partner might feel lost and helpless, and so reaching out and seeking couples counselling is the best investment for your relationship.