Is Palooza Save Now a Scam or Legitimate? Many viewers from the United Statesand in other countries want more information about Palooza Savings. We conducted a survey regarding Paloozasavings online, and I found out that there was not any specific information about Paloozasavings.

Palooza Savings has received some poor reviews and complaints. Some say it’s an unauthorized savings. Palooza savings is confusing to those who were scammed. So is Palaoza Savings Now Scam.

Palooza’s scams:

Palooza has been the victim of some scams. One lady stated that Palooza wanted $1.95 for her and took $99.95 off her card. Palooza tries to withdraw money from their account without being aware of it. People are asking for them to stop.

One example: Palooza Scanned 99.95$ out of a woman. But she used the Cash App; Palooza claimed it was pending, and thus not canceled. A person stated that someone had taken 1.95$ from their account and then they took 99.95$. He says Palooza Savings Now.

Palooza Scams Example:

Does anyone in the U.S. know anything about Palooza Savings? But, $69.99 was withdrawn form his PayPal account by him after he received the information. Because he didn’t know their website, address, telephone number or email, he couldn’t provide any details.

He has also filed a dispute to his PayPal account in order to receive the money back. He can only recall that he ordered pizza at pizza hut online delivery.

Palooza Savings Now a Scam:

Palooza had a transaction of theft immediately after the fact so that it was possible to hack into their website. I was told by someone that he won something. He paid 1.95, and then he added $99.95 to his account. How is this possible?

Palooza’s scams come in many forms. There is even a Palooza from the U.S. that claimed 49.99 was taken out of his account. He hadn’t heard of this company, and didn’t give any information. Below is an example Palooza Savings Now Fraud individual who claimed that he had never heard about the company. He was actually charged 99.95 for the use of his cash application account. He denies knowing how they obtained his information.


Verify your credit card account. Not only is the scam website a scam, but they also charge other retailers. Palooza scam is unauthorized, so please be on the lookout for this scam alert.

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