Traditionally when you listen to alcoholic beverages pairing with food, wine, champagne or even beer comes to mind. But the favorite drink of Russians and the Scandinavian countries, Vodka, rarely crosses the thoughts.

Before debunking how to pair vodka with the meals let’s figure out one thing.

Why do people prefer vodka over other alcoholic drinks?

Well, Vodka is not consumed for its taste, but for when you want to feel hammered. Initially it was considered as a medicinal drink that had its health benefits but today it is consumed to get drunk at a much faster pace. Gather your buddies, get some pickles and lemon with a bottle of vodka to speak out about everything that has been bothering you. It is an antidote to holding feelings inside yourself for too long. If you are a vodka lover and want to know what is ciroc, it is a french vodka, made with two different varities of french grapes.

Now let’s open the pandora box and introduce you to the ways in which you can pair this medicinal odorless and colorless drink with your meals. You’ll be a vodka master by the end of the article so tidy up anything that is distracting you.

Basics of Vodka

Cooked food is not elevated much by the introduction of vodka in it but when you are concerned about cold items like mayonnaise or cold custards, Vodka is your best buddy. Macerate anything in this pure alcohol drink and make it a bit of a flavored beverage to surprise your taste buds in the best possible manner.

Although it is difficult to pair spirits with food because their higher heat sensation can diminish the actual flavors of the meal, this doesn’t mean it is out of the bounds to try and experience.

Pairing it with food is more difficult compared with other alcoholic drinks because of its far higher alcohol content and strong flavor.

Taking advice from Russians, Vodka and Zakuski elevate each other’s taste and they both pair perfectly. Pickled fruits, veggies and salted mackerel all are part of Zakuski and therefore are ideally paired with spirits.

Vodka for Different Meal Courses

Sipping down plain and uncontaminated Vodka alongside cubes of ice while eating the main course is the right way of starting the evening meal.

Once you are done with the main course and are about to add some sweetness to the night with a bowl of dessert then remember to take flavored vodka with it. Plain vodka will not do justice to desserts or a cheese board.

To the taste buds that are vodka virgin, all the spirits might taste the same but the reality is much different. Vodkas can have a variety of taste when added to meals. From salty, peppery to citrusy the possibilities are limitless.

Best Choice Vodka Awards

If you are a new drinker, then opting for cocktail drinks with a base of vodka is the appropriate choice but if you are an avid drinker going neat has never been a bad starter for the night.

Whether you are about to embarrass yourself in front of your friends with your poor bartending skills or spending the night alone, knowing your vodka are the basics. Get the best vodka online and have a fun party as a lone wolf or with a great company of friends.

A few worth mentioning, top of the list spirits are

  1. Belvedere
  2. Absolut
  3. Grey Goose
  4. Chopin Potato Vodka
  5. Ketel One Vodka

Tried and Tested Food Combinations

1.     Caviar with Vodka

Russian to its roots, caviar is a naturally perfect pairing with vodka. Eat it plain or on a toasted slice with chilled vodka shots. Nothing can beat it when buying caviar online then paired with freshly toasted small pieces of bread mixed with it and taking sips of spirit to doze yourself as quickly as possible.

2.    Pickles and Vodka

Pickles are pickles whether vegetable or fruits. This salty, vinegary and mouth-watering goodness is ideal to go with chilled vodka sips. These will not dwindle the sharpness of the spirits consumed alongside but will upgrade the taste of both things. Your taste buds are up for a rollercoaster ride of tastes with this beautiful combination.

3.    S for smoked, S for Salmon

Nothing comes closer to the king of fish, Salmon served in your meal. The thin slices of this savory fish. The aroma of smoke paired with some tangy sauces only gets better when consumed with ice cold vodka. Your taste buds knew nothing better before this elite combination of food and drink.            

4.    Beef Steaks

Let’s be honest, no beef lover can refuse eating a tender piece of protein rich steak served straight from the hot sizzling pan. To add more flavors, pair it with bread-based vodkas like wheat, barley or rye. You’ll be amazed with the number of flavors that bust into your mouth the moment you take a shot of ice-cold vodka. It’s like eating steak for the first time. Vodka helps nourish every flavor to its depth and hence it goes perfectly with the juicy and tender steak.

5.    Mexican Tacos

The spices, the flavors and the crunch demand a shot of vodka after and while eating these Mexican delicacies. Serving tacos without spirits is like an insult to their exquisiteness. The extremely normal looking starter dish becomes a proper meal when extravagantly paired with the purest form of alcohol.

Eating Vodka Instead of Drinking

That must sound different but there is nothing uncommon in this statement. A lot of dishes are prepared with vodka as a main ingredient; hence the word eat vodka.

  • Make pasta sauces with some vodka to make it hotter and flavoring.
  • If savory dishes are on the menu then don’t forget to use it in the glaze for fish or steaks.
  • To give a flakier texture to your pastry and pie crust, you need a bit of vodka in the batter.  

Bottom Line

Pairing vodka as a side drink with meals or making it part of a recipe as an ingredient is a tricky task. One that requires you to have good knowledge about the spirits at your disposal. So, the next time you are about to explore your cooking skills and give some innovation to your taste buds, remember the above-mentioned points and you’ll have a plethora of cooking adventures to opt for.