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You may have noticed that many people are focusing on unusual words incorrectly classified as Wordle answers. Are you one of those people who incorrectly guess the Wordle answer and share the word among their friends as the Wordle Answer?

Wordle is a widely-used word game in many countries, including the United States, Canada. Australia, and the United Kingdom. We will be discussing a word that Wordle players consider the best answer. Let us discuss in detail Wight Wordle.

Why is Wight Trending Online With Wordle?

Wight is a popular choice on the internet for the correct answer to the question of 12 July 2022. However, the word is not correct for the Wordle388 puzzle. Wight shares the most similarities with the correct answer. Night is the correct answer.

Wight was chosen by people who believed it to be the right answer and shared it with others on the internet. Wight began trending for Wordle 388.

We all know Night’s meaning as it is an all-time and daily word. But what about Wight. Let us check.

Wight is a Word

Wight means a living being. It can also be used to refer to animals, including human beings. Wight also refers to spirit or ghost. As you can see, Wight is also defined in the English dictionary.

Night Meaning

Night is a commonly used word that is used every day and is almost universally understood. For the sake of this article, however, we will give you the meaning for Night. Night is the duration of the period between sunset and sunrise. Both Day and Night are essential parts of the creation process.

Words That Sound Like Wight Wordle

  • Sight
  • Might
  • Right
  • Eight
  • Light
  • Take care
  • Night
  • Fight
  • Bight

Wordle Answers July 2022

  • Night12 Answer to the July Wordle
  • Madam:11th August Wordle answer
  • Berth:10th of July Wordle answer
  • Stead9th Juli Wordle answer
  • Voice8th Juli Wordle answer
  • Agape –7th Juli Wordle Answer
  • Fuff:6th Juli Wordle answer
  • Field:5th Juli Wordle answer
  • Answer:4th of July Wordle
  • Lilac –3rd August Wordle answer
  • Egret2nd Juli Wordle answer
  • Pinto1st August Wordle Answer

Let us learn the technique to play wordle

We’ve discussed Wight as a wrongly guessed word . This is a question that many people have asked. For this Wordle game to win, you will need to know how to correctly guess the word.

The game’s technique is to change the three colours green, yellow, and grey. This is how you can win the game.


Based on our analysis, we can tell that the response to the 12 July Wordle was Night and not Wight. Many accounts have been provided regarding an answer list for the July Wordle.

How do you feel about the game, and yesterday’s answer? Is Wordle a game you like? Please share your views with us.