Do you prefer shopping with a laptop or a mobile phone? Are you a buyer window? Online shopping seems better than any other way.

Beware! This will help you maintain you well-oriented with facts about how you can save before catching fraud. Fraudsters can be in various forms.

Their main goal is to steal your data and money. Today this article concerns – Reviews of Oviicha. Nowadays, Scamming websites are very fast downloaded.

We are looking at today with its registered office in the United States today. Scammers are more dangerous. Over time they become wiser. They put their bait as an image of a beautiful website.

Trend Scamming around is unfortunately increasing substantially. They will not only take money. So many times, take personal data, such as contact details, account details, etc.

These supervisors become dangerous over time and we want to save it. In the event of avoiding fraud, you must read our Oviicha Reviews. This page will provide you with the opportunity to purchase both clothes and home supplies.

Read to learn more about the site.

What is Oviicha?

Oviicha is a frequently used portal for shopping windows. They offer a wide range of products. The company’s claims say that they provide the best quality of products.

They have some of their specialties in some categories, guaranteeing quality before buying. It’s quite funny. We will tell you more about it. Read more – Oviicha Reviews.

The brand is to provide live calls with a specific GMT for their clients. They have a wide range of products, from clothing to even these sweet soft beds for their dear pets.

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The team offers exceptional features in their most famous sports, bathing, and even shoes. They claim affordable prices for their products and the fastest shipment and provide free shipping around the world when the product reaches more than 2 kg.

Specification of Oviicha-

This section gives you details and website specifications, and the most important facts are listed in – Oviicha Reviews.

• link-

• Offered products – They offer products differs among clothes, households for shoes

• Creation of dates – 02.OCTober.2020, 5 months

• E-mail address:

• Shipping – Shipment occurs between 1-5 days. International delivery may vary from 5-35 days (loads may apply in accordance with delivery)

• Canceling – Yes, there is a reserve for cancellation.

• Return / Replacement: this period is approx. 2 weeks

• Warranty – not specified.

• Return – the process ends not more than 14 days

• Address – not mentioned.

• Payment method – payment method is PayPal

The advantages presented –

• According to Oviicha surgery – they provide free delivery around the world with over 2 kg orders.

• Provide a wide range of products at an affordable range.

• The company offers a PayPal system as a method that is completely safe.

Inconvenience –

• The company’s trust index is low, with only 2%.

• The website has only five months.

• International delivery takes 35 days.

• The company’s address is listed.

Is Oviicha justified or cheat –

• Domain age – Domain is created five months ago.

• Trust index – Index is tiles, only 2%

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• Originality of the content – we found 93% of their plagiarized content.

• Customer feedback: Found in the negative rating scale.

• Contact details (phone number) nowhere was found on the portal.

Oviicha Reviews – Customer point

After the Internet, no reviews for reviews were found.

Final verdict

After observing the site so close, the verdict on Oviicha states that there is a fraud. On the basis of missing relevant information presenting it too good trust.

They do not even have customers’ opinions to show the authenticity of the site. The age of the domain is not too old. It is quite visible with the facts presented that Oviicha is not a legal website.

According to the opinion of Oviicha, the site is not indicated in use because it can cause damage and your money. Even your personal data can be lost.

The entire idea of ​​the review is the preservation of security in the accelerated fraud trend. I hope that the article helps in identifying whether it is legal or fraud. Unless no relevant information is visible, it is preferred not to use this site for commercial purposes.


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