The web is full of frauds and scams that aim to deceive users and take away of their personal information. Scammers have become more adept in creating fake websites and have created professional-looking websites so that it is difficult to tell if the website is considered to be unsafe.

There are many variables that will help you identify an untrustworthy website, regardless of how well it’s managed. Many people are curious about Fraud and its legitimacy.

The users from America United States are interested in knowing the real story of this site and to confirm the authenticity of the website. Continue going through this article to find the exact information.

What is Outermoney?

It’s true the sun’s energy can be an effective method of generating and storing energy. It will certainly allow you to make substantial savings on your electric bill. A solar system installed in your home has a variety of advantages, and is something to consider when you’re interested.

Outermoney refers to the brand name given to the platform that recently posted an advertisement or promotional piece for a solar-powered company within the United States called Energy Sage that has been able to make scam popular.

Services Offered by Outermoney

  • Outermoney has only one page that is an article on Energy Sage.
  • The site doesn’t appear to contain any additional information, specifics or articles.
  • The article mentions explicitly the fact that installing a solar system via Energy Sage will help them save a significant amount of money.
  • It also contains a link redirecting to the official site that is owned by Energy Sage.
  • Users can use calculations to determine their expenses and savings, and also calculate the solar system’s power potential should they decide to install one.
  • These metrics help people to come to an informed choice.

Is Scam?

  • There is reason to think we can be sure that Outermoney is a questionable site.
  • But, we can’t affirm the same for the service it advertises, Energy Sage.
  • Energy Sage is a legitimate solar firm operating in Boston, Massachusetts, in the US.
  • Outermoney However, it contains no contact information , nor any other vital information.
  • The website is not very popular and has very little traffic. It is also not old since it was first registered on the 1st of April 2021. It expires on the 1st of April 2022.
  • The website has a level of trust, with a score of 8, and an average trust rank of 38.4/100 on various assessment platforms.
  • The platform could be a an attempt to lure users to Energy Sage and may make some money by directing users to the website.
  • The social media links that are provided are also not working.
  • Is Scam? We don’t have any verified evidence to prove the existence of this. But, due to the reasons stated above, it’s recommended to stay away from this site.

The Final Verdict

Outermoney informs customers about the advantages of solar power and encourages them to convert to solar power by utilizing the services of EnergySage. Other pertinent details are available here.

Do you have a view about this website and the information that is on it? What do you think about the site’s design and credibility? Let us know what you think of our reply for scamin in the comment section. Also.