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Our experts also mention Ousama Manga Rating .

About Ousama Manga

This name is also mentioned in the Ousama Manga ranking of kings from the Japanese Manga series. This comedy series, written by SosukeToka, was released in May 2017 on a website that contains 11 volumes. Manga’s story centers on bojji, a Prince who is deaf and powerless. He is the firstborn son and has no power or fist to lift the sword of the children.

Ousama Manga helps children understand the world through the stories of success. The official website has new episodes every week, which is why people are eager to see them.

Ousama Manga Ranking: Characters

We are happy to share some information about Ousama Manga Characters.

  • Bojjiis a prince from the Boss Kingdom that is deaf and unable to lift the sword. He dreams of becoming a great king someday.
  • Kage is the shadow clan assassins. He can’t steal or hide to ensure his survival.
  • Hailingis second wife to the king, boss of the Kingdom, and biological mother of daida.
  • Daida, second prince of boss Kingdom, is half-brother to bojji as per Ousama Manga .
  • Dormasis considered the most powerful warrior of the 4 Kingdom’s four. He is also known as a swordmaster. He also gives training and teaches bojji.
  • Bevinis second strongest warrior of the boss Kingdom. He is also known as a snake trainer. He is responsible for teaching daida sword techniques.
  • Apisis also the next strongest warrior of the boss Kingdom. He is the spear of the king and dedicates his life to becoming the king in Boss Kingdom. Ousama Manga Ranking
  • Drush has been called the queen’s shield because he protects hilling.

Ousama Manga Website Ranking

These comedy series were recently listed by Echoes as the top online via the episode 23rd.


According to our experts, this Manga series is an excellent way for children to enjoy adventure and fantasy. You can also access the video for each chapter on Fuji TV.