Whether you are a new spa owner or simply bringing it out of storage, setting up your hot tub can be slightly more complicated than expected. These are a few tips we’ve come up with that can help you in how to blow up lazy spa or any other inflatable hot tub. 

Manuals Are Included With Your Purchase For A Reason

Most of us toss the instruction manuals that are included with any of our gadgets and purchases, but we never stop to think that they are put in there to help us! Yes, we know it’s boring. But even if you skim through the instructions before setting up a hot tub, you’ll find that the process is much easier because you will know all the steps ahead of time and you will be able to avoid common mistakes as well. An owner’s manual is designed to simplify the process for you, so don’t hesitate to use it. 

Where Will You Put Your Hot Tub?

More often than not, people blow up and fill their hot tub without thinking of the location of their hot tub. If you change your mind, you will have to go through the daunting task of emptying it and repeating the inflation and filling process. Moving a water-filled hot tub is not an option. So, it is better to plan ahead. Find a spot (whether indoor or outdoor) where the surface is strong enough to carry the tub’s weight when it is full, with people. You should also consider placing it relatively near to a drain to facilitate easy draining. The ground where you place your hot tub should be on a level, flat surface to avoid any pressure issues that can damage your hot tub. The last thing to consider is to try to place it near anything that would break the wind blowing towards the hot tub (such as a fence or a wall). This will help you reduce running costs because wind can significantly cool down water by evaporation.

Accessories and Other Purchases

You may want to consider buying a floor protector. This is a specially designed mat that reduces absorption of heat into the surface where your hot tub is placed. Of course, less heat loss translates to lower running costs and also it protects your floor from damage. 

A drain pump is also a worthy investment if you expect to drain the hot tub often. Finally, you should be stocking up on the appropriate chemicals and filters that are needed to keep your water sanitary, and avoid damaging your hot tub or any adverse health effects. If you are unsure about how to manage your hot tub water, you can ask a pool cleaning service to regularly check the water for you. They will also give you some tips on what chemicals to use and how to clean the hot tub. 

Inflatable hot tubs can be easily set up without anyone’s help, if you follow the instructions provided. Follow our tips to avoid any mishaps.