It is in fact, very difficult to win a woman’s heart. To meet the heightened demands of this competitive period, in which all cosmetic brands are using creative marketing strategies and fornicating techniques with fashion-lovers, it’s crucial that only the best products make it to the shelves. Packaging is crucial in helping to gain consumers’ attention. It is the first impression a product has on them, and people remember it, especially customers. We make the most exacting precision printing and state-the-art design machinery to maximize the marketing of our items, so we’re well suit to GCP.

 An ideal package that has captivating themes and exclusive designs is ideal for attracting consumers’ attention to eyeliners, eye shadows, and eye makeup kits. Combination colors and photos, this is the best for eyelashes, skincare, and lip care merchandise, and sets the goods within their allocated slots. The standard cosmetic boxes construct from the finest materials that when consumers brush up against them, which causes them to assume the products in them are of the highest quality amongst others in the retail display cases.

Custom printed boxes available in demand

We still making customize boxes in complete rainbow-hued colors. Designs, and sizes to meet all of our clients’ diverse marketing needs at GCP Solutions. As a result, our new printing processes, state-of-the-art designing equipment, and experienced designers in-house. Lead customers to priceless expressive, creative artwork. Elegant containers accentuate your goods, enhance your products’ appeal. Impact consumers in favorable ways, and help your consumers with their decision-making.

GCP fully recognizes and reacts to shifts in behavior and perception. This is why we use recyclable and recycled paper in the whole-shelf and end-of-life. We produce pollution-free boxes. As well as compostable in uncoated print and grades that are safer for the environment with state-of-of-the-the-the-art technology printing methods.

All of our custom cosmetic boxes made from the strongest paper and incredibly stable. Customized protective designs provide the highest degree of protection and are excellent shock absorbers to prevent the goods from deteriorating.

Custom-printed boxes that really emphasize the importance of your merchandise will help convey your message and generate strong sales. EMAC offers outstanding packaging solutions for small. And medium size Canadian companies since it found in 1984. Most effective printing is use to produce up-sellable boxes for our customers. Allowing them to sell different items inside the same carton and/box. As well as good as every product has different packaging specifications, we make excellent custom boxes for each one. Using our state-of-the-art printing press. We can set up instant campaign products and package at any time for any price point price. Or value point you like.

There are no other choices in terms of best-priced packaging for GCP offers value above its competitors. The latest cutting and setup technologies will save you money without involving human operators which enables us to offer highly competitive pricing. And keep your packaging costs down.

No Minimum

That doesn’t sound right. There is no minimum in that sentence. We’ve got what you need! Boxes of any size, form, and color are regular output quantities we print. Most of the time, minimum order amounts are 50-box minimum orders that can be placed with no upper limit. You should be aware, however, that there is a minimum order limit of just one or two boxes.”

This meal has to serve on-demand in accordance with Quick TURN time! The cosmetic boxes wholesale and supplies assemble in our accredite facilities in Canada. Or the United States and shipped by reliable carriers. You will get your order ready-to-to-ship orders in fourteen days or less with special fulfillment!

Free Shipping

No matter where you are in Canada, and how many items you order, we can make delivery convenient for you. It’s a total package delivery and we try to keep the prices down.