If one were to talk to people about the main factors to make an impression of people, hairstyles will be one of the most frequent responses. The hairstyle of a person can reveal many aspects about them. well-groomed and cut hair is an indication of cleanliness and good personal hygiene. However bad hairstyles can ruin your appearance.

People are searching on the salon reviews located in Australia that has led to Oscar Oscar Pacific Fair Reviews the most popular. The users from New Zealand, and in the United Kingdom are eager to find out more about the establishment, so keep reading the article.

About The Oscar Oscar Salon

Like the name implies it’s a very popular salon that is fairly successful in the United States. According to sources, the salon has been operating for more than 30 years and has earned praise for their hairstyles and expertise. Oscar Cullinan, who’s also received the prestigious Australian hairdresser of the year prize twice is the director of the establishment.

We’ll begin our journey to our Oscar Oscar Pacific Fair Review soon. Every effort was put into to create an enjoyable experience to visit and an ideal place to receive haircuts and grooming.

Information on Oscar Oscar Salon

  • The salon is located inside the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre in the Gold Coast, Queensland.
  • Salon hours are 9 until 5:30 pm. to 5:30 pm, Monday to Saturday.
  • The Sunday time is changed to 10 am to 4:00 pm.
  • The contact information of the salon as well as the address are available on their website.
  • The stylists’ names are accessible on the site.

What are reviewers of Oscar Oscar Pacific Fair reviews have to say?

Salon has posted bios of the employees that works there for the customers to get to know more about them.Unfortunately, the reviews on this website aren’t conclusive. Positive reviews are posted on certain media sources, and negative reviews are found on other media.Google has rated its platform to be just a little over 2 stars. This isn’t very impressive.The ratings on Facebook for the company are also average, whereas other Australian platform has rated it five stars.Take note that recent feedback on the forum have been overwhelmingly negative.A few recent Oscar Oscar Pacific Fair Reviews say that the staff at the salon is intimidating and body shameing customers.

 This review has been posted on the page of Facebook for the salon.Customers also say that their salon fired one stylist who was a critic in this regard.The incident has angered users and they have been open about it.The users also complain about the lack of service and the appearance of the restaurant.However, the reviews from earlier times are more positive than the more recent ones.The Final VerdictUsers are posting comments that the Oscar Oscar Salon has body-shamed customers and received poor treatment. We are unable to confirm the validity of the claims made in these Oscar Oscar Pacific Fair Reviews which have led to it becoming a trending. All other pertinent information above is listed.