In this article we will discuss our discussion of the Orsk Ship Wiki the name of one of the Russian ship that was recently was destroyed by Ukraine.

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The news broke on Thursday that Ukrainian security forces said they had damaged a massive Russian landing vessel called Orsk in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Many people around the world, especially in Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany,and the United States, are keen to learn more about the vessel. Therefore, in this article we will look at what we know about the Orsk Ship Wiki.

What is the Orsk Ship?

Orsk is a landing ship. Orsk can be described as a land vessel belonging to the class of alligator. A senior administration official speaking in anonymity to journalists told reporters this Thursday Russia has several warships on the coast to the south of Ukraine close to and to the Black Sea & the Sea of Azov.

Nikolay Obekov was the name that was given to Orsk (BDK-69) that was launched and deployed in 1968. It was involved during 11 missions in the Indian and Atlantic seas and also on the Mediterranean. It eventually transported soldiers and other supplies into Yugoslavia, Adjaria, and later Abkhazia under its Russian banner. The ship was photographed transporting Russian arms to Syria in the year 2018.

What Happened to the Russian Ship Orsk Wiki?

On March 24, 2022, in Russia-controlled Ukrainian harbor Berdyansk the Orsk was found to be damaged due to an Ukrainian rocket attack during the Ukraine attack by Russia in the aftermath of the War of Berdiansk. An enormous fire explosion, flames and blasts were captured on film with one explosion completely covering the front of the ship.

A string of huge explosions rattled the harbour shortly after sunrise. The harbor was reportedly seized by Russian soldiers. There were also a variety of Russian vessel docked. The docks were engulfed in flames as secondary explosions echoed throughout the city, as per photos posted on social media. In the video it’s believed that the Russian Orsk Ship Wiki was destroyed by the explosion.

In a post on Facebook Ukrainian’s Armed Forces claimed to have destroyed a massive landing vessel that they named the Orsk. According to reports made from the port and Russian news agencies, a lot of Russian ships have been removing military equipment over the past few days.

Two other vessels were also destroyed, according to Ukrainian military along with the Orsk.

A 3000-ton tank of gasoline was destroyed. The officials also stated that the fire reached the ammunition storage of the enemy. The severity of the injury to the victim is not yet determined.

More Information of the Orsk Ship Wiki :

  • Based on previous news reports by the Russian Defense Ministry, The Russian’s Orsk is a huge landing vessel, was the first military vessel that docked at Berdyansk. It carried equipment in the form of armored personal carriers.
  • The ministry said that the vessels in this plan are extremely spacious and are able to carry the largest amount of weaponry about 40 armoured tankers or personnel transporters.


The demolishment of the largest Russian landing vessel, Orsk, and the explosion isn’t yet confirmed by Russian Officials. Learn more about Orsk here.

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