Do you know the error that is displayed while playing? Well, you can see all the details about this and also how to fix the errors.

Source error 721 is being shown to many users recently. The bug means that the Star Wars game is dealing with some serious issues with the servers. This may not be considered suitable for such a famous game.

Also, we find that the problem is showing up in the United States. But to solve these problems, it is essential that users know them and see how to solve them.

What is the error about?

It is seen that users who have installed the game on PC are encountering this error. They cannot play the game. Origin Error 721 is displayed on your screen because the game cannot reach the EA servers.

Not all users show this error; some can play perfectly well.

Users may have tried many options or solutions, but the main problem comes from the EA. Also, players can try unplugging their routers for some time and start playing again.

Also, checking the settings and making corrections there can help too. To find out more, users keep reading on how to fix the error.

How to repair source error 721?

Trying this solution will be useful for many players. According to the EA, it is recommended that players make changes to their DNS settings.

• Users must configure primary DNS to and secondary DNS to

• To change it, users must click on the command prompt and type cmd there.

• After that, users must run it as administrator.

• In the next step, players must enter ipconfig / release and then login.

• After that, type ipconfig / renew and then enter.

• This will help, and if not, try altering your internet settings.

People views regarding source error 721:

There are many reviews of people on the Internet. We found that many of these from the United States face the error.

Some mentioned that it is connected to EA’s servers. Also, some players say that running it as an administrator worked.

We know that people don’t find the right bugs, but these can be easily fixed.

The bottom line:

We see that the error has been facing many players lately. Some may not have experienced it either.

But those who have done so should be patient and check their internet connection. If it still doesn’t work, they should try the repair method as explained. It would surely help.

Therefore, we recommend that users try to connect the game and use the fixes. Mention your views regarding Source Error 721.