Regular dental treatments, like cleaning, are a must for everyone. But, not all people are comfortable in getting them. Some have fears and anxieties when they go to dental clinics.

This is where sedatives enter the picture. They help keep patients relaxed and calm. Sedation processes even likely diminish the fears and anxieties in the long run.

The most common of all is oral sedation. It is the cheapest and most convenient option.

An Overview To Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is just one of the three types of dental sedation. It is the most common because of its convenience and effectiveness.

The process mainly involves taking sedatives in the form of pills. In the world of dentistry, Valium and Halcion are the most usual ones that dentists recommend to patients.

But, just how effective oral sedatives are?

Effectiveness of Oral Sedation

Here are some points to help you understand how effective oral sedatives are. This may also assist you to determine whether this sedation type is the best for you.

    • Most Widely-Used, Accepted Method of Sedation

Convenience is the reason why oral sedatives are the most common and accepted method. Once the pills are purchased, patients take them orally.

Dentists at North York Smile Centre usually recommend taking them an hour or more before the actual procedure or treatment. This is because it takes time before the sedatives take effect.

While it may take a while before they kick in, they are easy to manage. Moreover, oral sedatives do not induce any fear or anxiety in people, unlike other forms of dental sedation.

    • Affordable For Patient and Doctors

Another great aspect to consider with oral sedation is its affordability. It is very cost-effective both for the patient and the dentist.

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On the dentist’s part, there will be no cost because they only prescribe or recommend which ones to buy. So, all the costs are on the patient’s part.

While the patient needs to cover the cost, there is no need to shell out a huge amount of money. They are fairly cheap, unlike other dental sedation options, wherein the patient also needs to pay for the skills of the dentist.

    • No Use of Needles

While oral sedation does not take effect as fast as IV sedation, it remains very effective. But, the upside of this is that there are no needles needed when taking oral sedatives.

As one would recall, IV sedation requires needles because the sedatives are administered intravenously. Meanwhile, oral sedatives are mainly taken orally, hence, the name.

This is why it is ideal for patients who are afraid of needles. Moreover, it does not elicit other fears and anxieties because of the sedation process.

This is also the reason why people who want to overcome their dental fears usually choose oral sedatives more than IV sedation. It helps one conquer fears in the long run.

    • Ideal For Patients Living With Conditions

Taking sedatives helps patients become relaxed during any dental procedure or treatment. In the case of oral sedation, it helps both the patient and the dentist. This is because the patient remains attentive, cooperative, and alert despite being sedated.

Sedation, in general, may cause concerns for many individuals, especially for people who are living with various health conditions. But, it is worth noting that one of the things that make oral sedatives very effective is that they work well, and are safe for everyone. Even those who have health issues, like diabetes, epilepsy, and cardiovascular diseases.

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    • Easy To Administer, Safe, and Responsive

Oral sedatives are easy to administer. Patients do not need the help of experts and dentists to take them because they are just like taking any other pill.

Depending on the advice of the dentist, the patient will need to take the sedatives at a certain time before the actual dental treatment or procedure. So, talking to the dental experts is a must.

Aside from being easy to administer, oral sedatives are safe. In relation to the above-given point, even people living with health conditions need not worry about it.

Moreover, unlike IV sedation, patients can remain responsive to the procedure and the dentist during the entire visit.

Things To Consider

While oral sedatives are highly effective, there are still some things that you need to consider. You may consider these as the cons and drawbacks.

On top of it all, these sedatives take time before they kick in. This is the reason why you need to take them an hour or more before going to the dentist.

Another disadvantage of oral sedatives is that they are irreversible. Once taken, you can no longer take them out of your system. Unlike IV sedation, the process can be reversed by taking specific medications.

Bottom Line

All in all, there is a reason why oral sedatives are the more effective and popular option in the world of sedation dentistry. These points, proving its effectiveness, are the main bases.

But, it is worth noting that, despite its popularity and effectiveness, you still have to consult your dentist before taking anything. They know what will work best on your case, and they will guide you throughout the entire process.


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