As a person who owns a fitness facility, you want nothing short of the best for your clientele. This would include finding the right trainers, ensuring safety measures and protocols are in place and that the right gym equipment is purchased. One such important accessory that is indispensable to your fitness facility is a gym towel.

While a gym towel is one of the most important items you can have, it is also one of the most underrated items that many gym owners forget about. When you’re stocking up items for your gym, you should ideally get gym towels in bulk so that you can meet the needs of your clientele. Remember that nothing is as off-putting as a gym with dirty, used towels lying around!

If you wish to order soft and durable gym towels for your fitness centre, then check out the 4 best gym towels that you can get by reading below!

4 Gym towels you definitely need to buy!

There are 4 basic gym towels that every single gym needs to offer. Any towels beyond these can be added for the sake of enhancing the luxury, but you must start with these four. Here’s a quick run-through of each of them:

1.     Economy gym towels

These towels are made from 100% cotton and display the following characteristics –

  1. Quick drying
  2. Less prone to bacterial growth
  3. Soft, plush, and non-irritable to the skin
  4. Highly durable
  5. Low maintenance and does not require any special care or treatment
  6. Easily customizable
  7. Absorbs water and sweat easily.

2.     Premium gym towels

These towels are meant to offer superior strength, comfort, and performance. They display the following characteristics –

  1. Specializes in comfort and relaxation
  2. Suitable for people with sensitive skin
  3. Makes tighter loops
  4. Softer and long-lasting
  5. Available in various sizes.

3.     Hand towels for the gym

These towels are smaller than standard economy towels and premium towels. They are however larger than washcloths. They are available in neutral as well as vibrant colors.

The purpose of this product is –

  1. Dry hands and face after washing
  2. Absorb sweat during exercise
  3. Wipe down equipment post use.

4.     Washcloths for the gym

Washcloths are the smallest kinds of towels used in a gym. It is best to opt-in for bleach-safe washcloths. There are several reasons for using these. They are as follows –

  1. Helps gym members wipe their face clean after showers
  2. Helps members remove makeup before a workout
  3. Helps members dry their faces in the steam room
  4. Helps gym members cleanse and exfoliate their skin during a shower
  5. Help clean up spills from water bottles, cleaning products, and the like.

Why should you get these gym towels in bulk?

It is best to invest in these towels at the earliest. And it is even better if these are purchased in bulk. There are several benefits of buying gym towels in wholesale which are listed below –  

  1. It is cost-effective.
  2. There is consistency in quality.
  3. One can achieve a uniform style through it.
  4. Restocking it will not be difficult.

Final thoughts

It is important to meet the safety and comfort requirements of one’s gym clientele. Therefore, it is best to be well stocked with quality products to keep customers happy and satisfied. Do not forget to stock up on standard towels, hand towels, and washcloths that are soft, durable, and stylish!