You want to learn more about skydiving accidents Nobody wants to fall from an aircraft with their parachute malfunctioning. Emma’s story has become a cult favorite in the United States. Amazingly, her story survived. The 20-year-old started on her traditional Australian pilgrimage to Europe. Carey, who was eager to skydive after a three-month journey to Australia, arrived in Switzerland on the fifth and final day. This post will tell you more about Open Diving accident Face Split.

Emma’s fate?

Emma Carey began her three-month dream trip to Europe with her close friend Jemma Mrdak. Jemma, a friend from school, had solid objections, but Emma, an adrenaline junkie, was keen to jump off the plane to begin day five on their trip to Switzerland.

But parachute malfunctions caused the 20-year old to fall 14,000ft. This was going to make it an exciting adventure. Amazingly, she survived to tell it all. Emma’s supervisor touched Emma on the shoulder and told her that her parachute was ready.

Open Diving Accident Face-Split

However, the instructor waited for it too long and when it did finally deploy, it got tangled up with the safety parachutes. Emma, who later wrote The Girl Who Fell From the Sky (a novel about her fall) vividly remembers getting ready to jump in the helicopter in 2013 and the three sentences she spoke to Jemma prior to the horrendous catastrophe. She would never forget that feeling of falling completely free.

The chutes engorged the instructor and she lost consciousness. Emma tried to holler, but she was unable to respond. This was Open Diving Accident face split .

The teacher helped her get out alive.

Emma discovered that her teacher had fallen, and was in grave risk. Emma was the one who fell on Emma’s face, with the teacher above her. Jemma was able to complete her skydiving without being able to see her closest friend.

Emma received pelvic and back surgery after she was transported to the hospital. Her spine was broken twice, leaving her paralysed from the waist.

After her Open Diving Injury Face Split she returned to Australia, reunited with her beloved ones. She was able to feel her legs again after she went into rehab. Even though she was a bit limp, she eventually learned how to walk.


Emma still remembers the event nine years ago and is thankful that she is alive today to share it with others.

She also published a memoir about her experience. It includes a discussion of the significance and Face Split of the Open Diving Incident Face Split .