If you play online slots or have listened to them, you must have listened to slot machines with five reel slots. But do you know what they are and why they are famous? If you want to know, you have come to the right place. You could give a significant amount of money by playing this, and it is also easy to play, and you may play it at a situs slot online.

Overview of 5 reel slots

These are very simple and easy to play. It is played with some rows and columns. Columns here are known as reels. Most of the slot games at online casinos have three rows and five reels, meaning there are 15 positions in total. When you spin the wheel, new symbols appear there. If they matched, then you will win money and exciting prizes.

History of 5 reel slot

Slot machines first came into the market in the 1890s and were made from 3 reels. After that, slot machines gained popularity as technology developed. Finally, in 1976, video slots were introduced. These had a video screen on which everything was displayed. 

By 90,s these video slots advanced, and 5-reeled video slots were introduced, which offered much more paylines and higher payouts. These slots also have some special symbols, bonuses, etc., attracting more crowds. 

After that, five reel slots were preferred by players, and many more five reel games launched in the market around the mid-’90s. Still, three reel games are present in online casinos, but mostly five reel games are focused on.

Reasons to play this slot

Five reel slots are fun, fast, and entertaining source of gambling and winning money. These games are mainly based on luck, but some strategies help to improve the results. The five reel slots are interesting because they contain many graphics and themes.

These themes are mostly related to famous movies, books, etc., making them popular among youth and middle age people. Also, many five-reel slot games are based on Egypt’s ancient history, Eastern countries, and many more. Five reel slot machines can be accessed easily while sitting at home and not going to a casino as you can at slot gacor.

Payout frequencies

Three types of volatility are present when we think about slot games which are low, medium, and high. You will need to maintain low volatility to get more frequent payouts. In these, there are fewer risks involved. 

Higher volatilities pay a very high amount if you win, but there is significantly less chance of winning. So before you start your five-reel game, research its volatility. Start from low ones, and then you may move to high if you are willing to take the risk. So there is every possible game in these types of slots, making it more fun and exciting.


There are many reasons for the increasing popularity of online slots. First, you must select a suitable game and check if it fits your budget. Check its RTP, make your plan to take the risk, check volatility, make strategies and start playing today.