It often happens that international money transfers from various online systems are quite expensive for users. Without knowing about the hidden commissions that are not indicated on the resources, one cannot be sure of one or another payment. Many banking and online financial systems include some form of payment to make money transfers for their customers, earning both transaction fees but also hidden fees on the exchange rate between different currencies.

The Velure Pay system works completely transparently. If you are seeking international transfers at the lowest fees possible, this platform is an ideal solution not just for individuals but also businesses. No need for long lines at banks and financial institutions – payments and transactions can all take place directly through your phone – making modern life much simpler!

VelurePay money transfers – your reliable financial assistant

By choosing an inexpensive international bank transfer, you get many advantages from the VelurePay online system:

Registration in the system is fast. At the same time, you have access to managing your money from virtually anywhere around the world and feel safe about protecting funds within an account and personal details stored therein thanks to multi-factor authorization system.

At the same time, this system supports over 39 currencies simultaneously – an excellent solution for international business as well as travelers traveling on vacation or business abroad.

Managers from our company offer round-the-clock customer service support. When any queries arises regarding their products and/or services they are always ready and willing to assist in finding an answer for their customers.

VelurePay can not only facilitate low-cost international transfers, but can also pay for purchases made overseas and support family living overseas as well as use currency exchanger services.

Fast money transfers around the world

International money transfers with a low commission are real. With the VelurePay system, money transfers are inexpensive, fast and reliable. The interest rate on the commission depends directly on what type of transfer you choose. Moreover, any money transfer will cost less than other payment systems. By choosing VelurePay, you choose reliability, quality and the lowest interest rates for any type of international transfer.