Online Courses –

Technology and our lives have intertwined and it’s inseparable. We scarcely order food, shop, or watch content online. We are leaning towards an online education system too. Online courses were already booming, with covid-19 it took an enormous leap. It’s a convenient mode to shine our skills, bounce back at what we do, enhance our knowledge within the comfort of our homes.

Why Online Courses?

  • With the comfort comes the flexible hours it provides everyone from a student to a working professional an opportunity to study at their convenience, it not only saves time but also saves resources.
  • Every industry is evolving and it’s extremely important to update ourselves to stay up with the pace. For example -Today digital marketing is one of the foremost and sought-after modes of promoting which is extremely different from traditional modes of selling, online marketing certificate courses help us sustain with the changing trends of the market and hone our skill sets for better opportunities.
  • The standard way of learning limits our opportunities of learning whereas online courses open up a lot of choices in step up with our requirements. Today online platforms have courses designed for everybody ranging from beginner level to higher level. We can start anywhere anytime.
  • The standard way of education is expensive and not everyone can afford the same. In comparison, online courses are easy on the pockets. Many have a free trial period that is an advantage and gives us the time to decide if we want to continue the course or not and save us a lot of time.
  • Most importantly, online courses help us enjoy the process of learning at our pace. Every Individual is different and these platforms provide us with that opportunity.

These are a few reasons why today people are more inclined toward online courses.

In today’s competitive world we always need to keep working on ourselves to thrive. What makes you stand out in the crowd? Why shall your employer pick you up amongst the hundred others with the same degree? What do you have that is different? What additional skill sets do you have that will be beneficial for the company?

The World of Marketing

With advancements in technology, world marketing has transformed. It is no longer bound to old ways. It is no longer confined to a specific physical or geographical channel. Today digital marketing is at the forefront because that is what the consumers want. The world of marketing evolves with the needs of the consumers. The onset of digital marketing has opened up a lot of positions in the world of marketing. To name a few are – digital brand manager, e-commerce marketing director, Digital strategies, etc.

It is high time to stay relevant with the increased demand and extensive competition. Online digital marketing certification has become more of a necessity rather than an option. 

Online & Digital Marketing

Digital marketing started when the radio was invented and ever since it has only been growing. It includes phone apps, television, podcast, and to date, radio plays a major role in digital marketing.

On the other hand, online marketing is one subsection of the huge branch of digital marketing, today online marketing is booming. It includes social media, websites, etc.

This field is constantly evolving and expanding, and markets have to stay at the top of their game always. It is not possible to keep going back to B-schools to learn every new trick in the market. That is when online courses come in handy.

Today multiple platforms are offering online courses on marketing, digital marketing, and one such platform is Kraftshala.

Kraftshala – The Place to Be for Online Marketing Courses.

People interested in marketing and want to have a successful career in it, Kraftshala is the place to be at.

Kraftshala is an online platform that curates online marketing certificate courses. It is a humongous success story. Under one roof professionals with years of experience have come together to show the roots of the future of marketing.

Courses –

It has programs for everyone. They are as follows –

  • Entry-level roles – Marketing Launchpad, in this program the company handpicks high potential graduate mentors and launches them in the world of marketing. It is a 20 week, online, full-time digital marketing course with specialization in the sphere of digital media content and social media with an internship of 8 weeks. The catch is that you will only have to pay when you land a job with a minimum CTC of 4.5 lakhs.
  •  For manager-level roles – This is a 20-week program by the maestros of the industry where they give you insight into their experience over the years in brand building in traditional and digital media.
  • For B-school students – They have programs related to digital brand building, brand building, sales leadership.

The online digital marketing certification programs are extensively curated by online professionals on a 70:20:10 learning model. Where 70% of learning is through projects enhancing their practical knowledge. 10% to the content of it and 20% is through personalized learning to make visionaries in the world of marketing.

Benefits & Resources –

             • Kraftshala is a network of multiple things. On finishing the course the candidates are provided with a certificate which makes them ready to conquer the world of marketing from day one.

             • They mentor their candidates in building a bulletproof resume, prepare them to face interviews, crack them, and get placed in one’s dream company.

             • The glorious alumni of Kraftshala speak about the grand success it has seen over the years. With each passing year, it only gets better.

             • It has other resources to help students learn at a time of their convenience through live sessions, blogs, etc.

Chase your dream companies, build brands, become a visionary in the world of marketing with Kraftshala and its specially curated online marketing certificate courses from the comfort of your home. Kraftshala helps you increase your market value by working along with you. So with Kraftshala by your side, you too can be one of the many success stories that you have witnessed.