Aussies are once again on the verge of being able to head out on the open road for an amazing adventure. Naturally, we all want to take our furry little friends with us!

But you need to be prepared with everything your doggo needs to travel comfortably. Pack food, water, treats and pick up some top pet insurance – you’re about to go see Australia with your favourite non-human in the world!

  1. Food & water

This is a no-brainer, obviously, but be sure to pack plenty of food and water for when you’re out on the road and between stops! Also, be sure to check that they’re favourite food is available at your destination/s.

  • Dishes

If possible, pack your pooch’s favourite food and water bowls. If you’re unable to pack these larger dishes, you can find really handy, functional all-in-one food and water bowls which are a gem for travelling.

  • Treats

Treats are great for dogs that travel comfortably and those who need a little encouragement. Pack their favourite treats to give to them when they are behaving well or when they are getting a little stressed – it will help them be more at ease!

  • Create/carrier

If you aren’t used to travelling in the car with your doggo, it may be a good idea to take along a crate or carrier. This way, you can be sure that the dog will be safe and seated in the vehicle without the risk of distracting the driver. If you’re travelling by plane then a crate is a necessity – don’t leave this at home before heading to the airport!

  • Favourite toys

This works the same with their treats: dogs can get pretty upset by any unknown surroundings and long journeys, and need their favourite things to help calm them down and reward them for being a good doggo! Packing their favourite toy will help keep them occupied when at pit stops and if they have to sit in their carrier for an hour or two!

  • Collar and leash set

It’s vital that you buy a collar and leash set for the travel – obviously, we don’t need to say why! The collar serves as an identification holder, while a securely fastened leash ensures their own safety as well as of others around. You can visit this link to make a purchase now.

  • Grooming products

If you’re getting out into nature on your journey then there is a good chance your pup might get a little messy. Be sure to pack some grooming products like dry shampoo and a mud mitt so that you can easily clean down your doggo after it gets into the likes of a river.

  • Medicine & medical history

Your dog might require specific medication that certainly shouldn’t be left at home. Furthermore, they might have specific medical history that may need to be presented to a vet whilst you’re on your trip. Be sure to pack these to reduce any stress and extra medical bills in case they become necessary.

  • Pet insurance

Pet insurance is always useful to have, and shouldn’t be overlooked when taking your doggo on a trip around Oz. You never know when the awesome benefits of pet insurance will come in handy and this is why thousands of Australians purchase it each year for daily life and for heading out for an all Aussie adventure.

Policies can cover certain vet bills as well as overseas travel, making it a versatile product to have if or when you need it.