Scammers are profiting from the worldwide pandemic from the start. As we enter the current surge of Omicron variants, scammers are gaining opportunities to scam the population within Britain. United Kingdom.

National Health Services or NHS is warning residents of an upcoming scam via text messages that claims to be from NHS and warns individuals that they’ve been on the phone with someone that has was positively for Omicron and needs to click a link in order to purchase an Home Omicron Test Kit.

Omicron Test Kit Fraud is targeted at a variety of people across the country, and they are eager to learn more.

What is it? Omicron Home Test Kit Scam?

Omicron Home Test Kit Scam is a brand new scam using text messages or phishing that is targeting a large number of people in all over the United Kingdom. Scammers profit from the growing number Omicron instances and sending fake messages via text with random phone numbers.

According to NHS officials, fraudsters send texts to random numbers, and advising the recipients that they’ve received a call from an Omicron positive person, and they should test with the home test kit.

The text message claims to come an email from the NHS. The message contains suspicious links which recipients must click in order to purchase their own home testing kit.

What do I Omicron Test Kit Scam Conducted?

Scammers are becoming more sophisticated and executing scams in various ways. Scammers are now employing the name National Health Services and sending fake texts to random people all over the UK.

The messages appear to appear to be they are from NHS warning users that they might had contact with an Omicron positive person, and that they could have been infected. To clear the situation out, they should go to a suspicious website that will let them purchase the kit for home testing.

As part of this Omicron Test Kit scam the scammers ask customers to disclose the bank information and personal details and then pay a an amount for shipping. After clicking the link, they will be redirect to a website of a third party that isn’t associated with NHS. They then steal bank and personal details of the victim in order to later use them for a fraud.

How to Identify and report the fraud?

We advise you not to click on links in emails that are not from NHA or texts. If you get scam texts that claim to originate from NHA Report them immediately with the NHS. Here’s a great guide to identifying and reporting scams. Omicron test kit scam.

  • Forward the phishing email or text message to National Cuber Security Centre at
  • Look for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Verify the URL and confirm the authenticity of the link.
  • Text “SCAM” at 726

If you’re victimized by these scams, you must notify us immediately at Action Fraud to stop others from becoming victims to fraudsters.


Omicron Variant is at its highest and scammers are making use of this to defraud and steal personal and bank account details. However, you should avoid falling victim to scams like Omicron test kit scams.

Have you had any information about scam texts messages? Write in the comment box what you did to report the scam.