Do you browse Omaze UK reviews? If so, read this review post to the end.

Today we will tell you about a website that gives you the chance to gain a unique experience. This non-profit organization is based in Great Britain. Moreover, you can contribute to a good cause as all the funds that Omaze UK has earned will be donated to charity to help the needy and disadvantaged sections of society.

The theme of the website is to raise $ 1 billion for charity during the year. But is Omaze UK legal? Let’s start to know more.

What is Omaze UK?

Omaze UK is an online fundraising site that raises funds for charitable causes, making your one-of-a-kind experiences a reality. The site was launched on December 22, 2006 in Great Britain. In addition, Omaze UK has raised over $ 130 million to charity. Now he wants to raise $ 1 billion a year.

What are the available options? Let’s find out in these UK Omaze reviews.

The store is divided into three categories such as entertainment, travel and cars. You can participate in auctions for a once in a lifetime chance of winning. If you’re a fan of the entertainment industry and want to meet or go out for brunch with your favorite celebrity, check out the site’s entertainment page and book a meeting of your star of your choice from the options available. If you are lucky, congratulations.

Besides, if you love to travel, you can choose a package and enter the competition to win by donating a certain amount to charity.

Details of winners, causes and experiences, etc. can be found on the website. However, please stay tuned to us to find out about the authenticity of the site in Omaze UK reviews.

What are the specifications of Omaze UK?

• Link to the website https: //

• Date of domain creation-22/12/2006

• Offers – an opportunity to gain one-of-a-kind experience

• Official address of the company – P.O. Box 866, 9942 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

• Contact number – 800-435-1976

[email protected]

• Newsletter available

What are the advantages of Omaze UK?

• It is HTTPS secured and encoded in SSL.

• You can gain experience once in a lifetime.

• You can also contribute to a good cause.

• The website has been around for a long time given Omaze’s UK reviews.

• You can meet your favorite celebrity or get to a luxurious place.

• You can donate the amount according to your preferences.

• All relevant information can be found on the website.

• We found many relevant search results relating to the website on the Internet.

• Gained a 96% confidence rating which is considered an excellent trust score.

• Has an important existence in social media.

What are the disadvantages of Omaze UK?

• You can only win this experience if you are lucky.

• We found mixed customer feedback on the Internet.

Is Omaze in the UK legal?

Omaze UK is a fundraising site where you can get the chance to gain a unique experience. You can meet your favorite celebrities, travel to your favorite place and drive your favorite car, etc. Moreover, Omaze UK is an established non-profit organization with a future goal of raising over $ 1 billion a year.

All in all, the website is old enough to be trusted and scored 96% trust, which is why we consider it legitimate. However, we found mixed opinions on the Internet.

What are the Omaze UK Buyer Reviews?

There are no customer reviews or ratings available on the site. But from online sources, we found mixed customer reviews where some people said the house drawing was a scam and posted commercial winner videos on the website. While others have argued that this is 100% true as they have important beings in the market and also give you back your money if you are not satisfied.

As such, we have received various customer feedback from internet regarding this fundraising site.


After analyzing both ends of the website in these UK Omaze reviews, we came to the conclusion that the website is legit as it is very old and got a 96% trust score and persists on social media. In contrast, we still recommend that you double-check everything and go over all customer reviews before taking any CTA, as we also found some negative comments about it.

What do you think about this store? Let us know in the comments section below.