What happens when you accidentally buy a SCAM website and you realize it? Here you share Oliveriy.com to be aware that you can evaluate other websites in everyday life.

Oliveriy is a customer-oriented place to shop online, where you can buy household appliances, children’s toys, tools and kitchen supplements.

Many customers from Great Britain and the United States have come across this forum and are interested about it. So let’s start.

What is Oliveriy?

It is an internet website with toys, tools, home articles and objects related to kitchen. Available in cheaper rates and sales prices provide high-quality products.

They are collaborated with national meeting centers for faster and accurate delivery. But here is the question, is Oliveriy.com Legit or online store, which will not yet be detected?

Technical data:

• Site link: https://www.oliveriy.com/

• Products: Oliveriy sells products such as screen projectors, soft toys, a spoon stands, a cell phone stand, etc.

• Contact number: No contact number available.

• Email ID: [email protected]

• Domain age: Domain registration date is 25-01-2021.

• Return and refund Rules: If you want to return your product, you can contact them only within seven days. Send an e-mail image of damage or problem with the subject. They recognize the amount of refund at a specified time. No sales position is returnable.

• Shipping policy: According to our Olyiveriy.com research, the company takes 2-5 business days to process the order. Depending on the country, they would require 10-20 days for the United States or 28 days to deliver the package. They have a priority care, which is again passed before damage.

• Payment mode: PayPal and credits and loads, such as Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Club Diner’s Club, JCB and Discover.

• Physical address: No. 285, Danyang Road, Danxi Street, County Xiangshan, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province (written in Mandarin).

• Social media: They have three Facebook accounts with small modifications in the name. No confirmation on which one is original.


• In our review Oliveriy.com we learned that this website has a HTTPS certificate. This means that your information is safe here.

• Each product has a description, images and available at the sale price.


• The SCAMDOC trust result is 1%, and Alexa ranking is 3 203 692, which makes it less trustworthy.

• The company’s address and return address gives somewhere in China and were written in Mandarin.

• There is only one review that speaks it as a fraud and disgusting activity.

• Posted content is copied from various sources.

• Fees for shipping cost after returning the item.

• The site is too new and in each category are only limited products in each category.

Is Oliveriy.com Legit or SCAM?

So far, we have collected all information about Oliveriy.com. Now let’s summarize it in this section. Website was registered on 25-01-2021, thanks to which this is only one monthly website.

The content used on the page about us is copied from different websites, several products in each category, and everything is on sale; Return policy is deceptive, 1% percent of SCAMDOC trust and low popularity according to Alex ranking.

The company’s name, address and return address belong to China and mentioned in Mandarin. One person brought him as a scam and disgusting on Trustpilot. That is why it is a scam and dealing with him can be dangerous.

Oliveriy.com Reviews.

There is only one month, but we managed to find some relevant information about this. However, the reviews are limited. Reliable platforms that provide your site reviews have raised suspicion over this e-store.

In addition, we went to the trust of the pilot and there is only one customer rating from Great Britain, which replied negatively. The consumer ordered a portable clothes dryer by 50-euro dollars, but in return he received a small towel.

Lower line

After observing the data, we gathered about Oliveriy, may be undoubtedly considered a trading platform for fraud. After a month they did not add any products to their directory.

Bad oliveriy.com reviews speak a lot about your ID card. According to their return policy, you can not return the subject purchased, but everything is on sale.

Along with this, the low trust and weak ranking of Alexa, the Chinese company name and address, three Facebook accounts (I’m not sure which is true), and the plagiarism content is signs of a lying business.

That is why we recommend our consumers, they do not fall victim to such websites. Have you been previously cheated?

Save your previous experience in the comment field.