Despite its age, Old School RuneScape is more popular than it was a decade ago. The classic MMORPG continues to evolve and has recently been added to iOS and Android smartphones, growing its players. Today, more than ever before, players are crowding into Gielinor to enjoy massively multiplayer gaming.

However, behind its simplistic graphics is a complicated system of mechanics — most of which aren’t completely explained to novice players. If you’re having trouble grasping the wildly free-wheeling nature of OSRS, it’s not a problem for you. Here are a few basic strategies to help you get on the right track and ensure you master everything you need to learn concerning Old School RuneScape.

Basic Quests For Newbies

There’s an expansive world of possibilities. The best option to understand the complexities of Old School RuneScape is to start by tackling a few tasks. These can bring you a wealth of rewards, such as XP for the most important skills, and will provide you with crucial characters, concepts, and places you’ll likely need to get familiar with.

Some come with prerequisites for skills, meaning that you’ll be able to learn more about cooking crafts, woodcutting, fishing, and much more while you complete several challenges.

Members and free-to-play have many quests they can play; however, we’d suggest that beginners begin by learning. In addition, many free-to-play missions are a great introduction to everything Old School RuneScape. Take a moment to look through the available quests and choose the ones that interest you.

Skills To Concentrate On

As we mentioned, certain quests will require you to attain a certain skill level before you can begin. If you’re locked out of quests or looking for an enjoyable way to pass your time in OSRS, there are many skills you can improve. Instead, pick a skill that you like and begin working on it.

The old School RuneScape will let you attain the maximum level across all skills. So don’t worry about not gaining a skill because you’ve leveled another. However, suppose you’re trying to make a quick buck as a beginner. In that case, It is beneficial to concentrate on these three capabilities:

  • Fishing
  • Woodcutting
  • Mining

To improve your combat abilities, we suggest Attack Strength, Attack, and Defense in the order listed. Also, you should equip the top weapons available at the moment to significantly increase damage output and boost your XP gain rate.

Begin Following The Adventure Path

If you’re just beginning to become an OSRS player, You’ll be able to choose specific Adventure Routes. Contact Adventurer Jon near the north of Lumbridge, and he’ll hand you a couple of tasks to aid in understanding the vast landscape of Gielinor. Pick one or two that you like and begin working towards completing these tasks. It’s a fantastic opportunity to understand the various mechanics in OSRS and get some awesome equipment.

Examine Areas To See

An MMORPG will only be as excellent as its open-world experience. OSRS could be considered one of the most enjoyable environments you’ll be being pulled in various directions, but be sure you take the time to explore the below areas, each with a variety of NPCs, quests, and other characters you can chat with.

  • Lumbridge
  • Varrock
  • Falador
  • Al Kharid
  • Draynor Village
  • Port Sarim
  • Seers’ Village (Members)
  • Ardougne (Members)
  • Kingdom of Great Kourend (Members)

Making Your buying skills In The RSgoldfast

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Understand To Involve The AFK Skill

Since Old School RuneScape is now available on iOS and Android, AFK skilling has become a much more vital component of the experience. AFK skilling allows your character to complete the task you have assigned while you’re away from your mobile or computer. Certain abilities are better suited to this task than others. Fishing and woodcutting are very popular since they permit you to complete a short amount of work in just one click.

It can also improve your combat skills when you face fierce enemies who strike you while idle. Free-to-play characters can enter the Stronghold of Security in the Barbarian Village to fight Flesh Crawlers. On the other hand, players can take on Rock Crabs in the north of Rellekka. In both instances, the mobs can ignore your presence and cease attacking after a few minutes. In this case, you simply quit the area and then return, and they’ll attack you again.

There’s No Incorrect Method To Enjoy Old School RuneScape

No matter what you’re up to and how speedily you’re getting level, it’s vital to remember that there’s no right or wrong way to play Old School RuneScape. Certain veteran players can remain inactive for months, never having to complete an adventure. On the other hand, some players will never enter the PvP Wilderness. Buy OSRS gold for unlocking  the characters and levels swiftly.  Earn a fortune, become a warrior, or strive to make the most of all your abilities however you decide to do.