There was an Ancient rush by Ohioans today to receive their names entered in the Vax-a-Million Sweepstakes.

So many at once attempted to log on the site or call the Special state hotline that the machine experienced a temporary overload.

You can also enroll by

The Lottery suggested hitting the refresh button or simply Waiting a bit before attempting again.

According to the Lottery, tens of thousands emerged like cicadas First thing this morning and got through to sign-up for the Vax-a-Million drawings in the first part of one.

She clarified. “Then at 9 o’clock when I tried to telephone, the amount didn’t get the job done .”

“I simply did it throughout my mobile phone. It took me about five minutes. Three to five minutes once I woke up this afternoon,” Allen said.

The signup had some hiccups.

One man got only as far as a splash screen that stated the launching

There were periodic overloads.

The lottery confessed issues with getting through on the Telephone line at the first few hours and emphasized there was no need to get frustrated because individuals have a week to have it done.

“Today is the first day,” said Danielle Frizzi-Babb, The Lottery’s communications director.

“It just launched. I Believe everybody Is Attempting to get in And get their entrance in. Thus, we’re simply asking people to be patient”

Frizzi-Babb told us her Very Best advice would be to try to not get frustrated.

“You’ve got until Sunday at 11:59 to Receive your entrance In,” she explained.

There is no week-to-week pressure about it.

Once you enter, you’re in most five drawings unless you strike Gold.

You can only win once.

Some individuals will not opt-in because the titles of the winners will Be people.

Others have no problem with that.

Rachel Bock of Evanston could not stifle a laugh after she was Asked about it.

“To put a name on the market, I’d put my name out there for Free,” she told us.

On the website itself, you will find commonly asked questions and dates Of all the drawings.

It appears that the Senate has latched on an attention-getter

“Definitely produced a big buzz,” Frizzi-Babb explained. “I can’t tell you exactly how many calls I’ve taken this morning from those that are excited to enter and expecting to win.”

As a Lottery employee, she is banned from winning and Indicated she’d live vicariously through whoever does win.

The name of the first winner will be attracted next Monday night and Revealed 48 hours afterwards.

“It is a great incentive,” said Robert Austin, a west side resident.

Whether it significantly spikes the vaccination rate is far too Early to tell and publicity about it has yet to reach a saturation point.

“I didn’t understand that you had to go in and sign up

Some others we requested hadn’t heard anything about Vax-a-Million.

But it is currently the talk of Ohio and beyond.

Good or bad, in case you’re mentioned on late-night conversation shows, you Have achieved widespread notice.

Vax-a-Million has now hit this mark.’