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OgieDiaz, who is Ogie?

Ogie Diaz, also known as Roger Diaz, is a member of his extended family. Dears were born the 2nd January 1970. Roger Diaz Pandaan was his full-name. Dear is a Filipino actor. He is also a comedian and entertainment reporter. Pekto is also a common name for him, as he was the main character in his TV series Palibhasa. Diaz is 51 years old and was born in Quezon, Philippines.

What are we able to learn about Ogie’s siblings?

Diaz had eight siblings. He was the sixth child from his parents. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much information about Ogie Diaz and his siblings. We only had information about his life from the Internet.

What is Ogie Diaz’s background?

Dias was just 17 years old at the time his father was murdered. His family will now be cared for by him. His father was robbed and killed in 1987. This was the year he quit all of his higher education and devoted himself entirely to Business.

OgieDiaz Siblings had complete faith in him. 1987 was the year deer joined Cristy Fermin as an assistant, a close friend from Mariposa publications.

OgieDiaz Career?

Diaz began his career as an assistant to Cristy Ferrmin in 1987. He revealed later that he borrowed money from his neighbors in order to get a ride to the Office of Fermin’s at GMA Network. He began to write a book in the 1990s to make enough money for his family since he was the breadwinner. OgieDiaz SiblingsHe was proud to be an actor and manager at ABS-CBN. Pak!Humor, Diaz’s book was published in 2017.

What does Diaz’s popularity mean to you?

Diaz became an important figure in the Philippines TV industry when he introduced the television programs that everyone loved. Diaz’s shows were loved by viewers, and he was even named after Pekto the most beloved character he played.


Let us conclude by saying Diaz is a great person who has achieved great heights for himself. Ogie and the siblings are proud that Diaz has achieved great heights on his own. With their help, his entire family now stands better. You can find more information about OgieDiaz at this link.