Your home office, whether it’s well established or knocked together in a corner, has probably become your most used space over the last year. 

Now the world is slowly recovering from the COVID crisis, many employers and employees are deciding whether to make their home office a permanent fixture. The future of work looks set to change. Even if we do return to the office, a greater degree of flexibility is likely for office workers. glass partitions for offices are now in trends that make your space more comfortable and attractive.

So how do you make your home office, and in particular your desk, efficient and practical? Which materials are best to use? 


Outside of the drabness of modern furniture,the best standing desk collection strives to provide a rustic elegance with a hand-picked selection of high-quality solid wood table tops.

Wood has been used as the furniture material of choice for generations. Its versatility and hardwearing nature make it perfect for everyday use. 

Making a wood desk is simple, and if you want to be even more sustainable you can always try to refurbish your old table- this will depend on your carpentry skills. Take your sanding belt and arm yourself with some patience and you’ll have the most sustainable desk in the market. 


Glass is trickier to work with and you will probably need to enlist the help of a glass cutter to create a glass-topped desk. This makes it slightly costlier but potentially worth it. 

However, glass is perfect for small spaces as it gives the visual affect of transparency and reverberates light. 


Again, to create a metal desk you might need to employ the services of a qualified metal worker. That is unless you have some metal shop skills in your back pocket. 

The cool touch of metal is ideal for warmer places and can help keep your room feeling cooler. It also works well for industrial interior designs. 


For a more sustainable option, consider bamboo when you make a desk. It’s strong, versatile and doesn’t do too much damage to the planet. Providing you source it from the right place. 

You might have to do some digging to find bamboo for your desk, but it’s definitely worth it for eco points.

Recycled plastic

Plastic is undoubtedly chocking the earth and filling our oceans. Luckily many companies are recycling plastic on a mass scale. 

A recycled plastic desk will definitely make your office cool, and sustainable to boot.

Why is having the right desk so important?A study conducted in the UK in 2018 revealed that 80% of UK workers spend between 4 and 9 hours sitting at their desk every day. Therefore, it’s critical to have a good, comfortable desk in which work and do other activities while maintaining a good posture. Other elements such as desk height, size and even colour can also make a big difference, so remember to choose wisely when selecting your new desk.