The search for ergonomic chairs for shoulder and neck pain can be a challenge because there isn’t “one attribute” that can be an all-purpose solution in managing or reducing that kind of discomfort. If you’re looking to tackle the root of your pain it’s best to look for a massage chair that an office one but it’s almost impossible to utilize an entire massage chair for work.

Although office chairs can’t help to alleviate the discomfort, a well-designed chair is sure to help this is what was the driving force behind our search to find the most comfortable ergonomic office chair that can ease neck pain. When we delved into the specifics, we identified several characteristics that are essential to helping those suffering with chronic shoulder and neck discomfort to reduce their pain and remain productive. These include:

Head and Neck Support 

Naturally, a computer seat that has neck support is a great starting point. It usually comes in two forms when it comes to workplace chairs go: an ergonomically created, articulated headrest, or a neck and head support pillow that is built in the chair. Of both options, we found the articulated headrest to be the best in reducing pain however, chairs with cushioned support pillows are likely to feel more comfortable although they’re not as effective from an ergonomic standpoint.

Lumbar/ Back Support

The shoulder and neck pains rarely occur in isolation and as a result, back pain elsewhere can trigger or cause discomfort higher up your body. Therefore, we tend to prefer chairs that not just had a method of supporting the shoulders and neck directly, but also included properly designed ergonomic back supports.

Adjustable Armrests

Armrests can be surprisingly crucial in the fight against shoulder discomfort. If the armrests on the chair you’re in aren’t positioned correctly, you’re likely to alter the way you sit. This can result in more stress on the muscles of your shoulders. This, in turn can make the shoulder and neck pain more severe. We considered armrests that can be adjusted as an important factor to consider when we rated our top contenders for the best office chair for neck pain.

Other Ergonomic Adjustable Features & Overall comfort

The mentioned features were weighed the most heavily when we analyzed the different alternatives available. Of course, there’s no any chair that has numerous ergonomic features, and every little bit can help. To put that into perspective even if a chair wasn’t equipped with all the characteristics we wanted If it offered sufficient of the other features (a waterfall-edge-style chair, luxurious padding or any other features that are ergonomic) we surely considered all of it!