Did you ever solve a streamer joke? Are there many riddles to solve to get through these games? The good news: stream 3000 summer-sales riddles and other thrilling games are available to all Americans, Brazilians, and everyone else around the globe. Do you have all the clues’ answers? Do you know What the Consecration Esthme is? If so, continue reading.

Get 3000 Summer Sales

  • Stream 3000’s summer sale allows gamers and people to enjoy exciting games. This time it also features an entertaining and challenging riddle.
  • Clorthax is a fictional, imaginary character who will give 10 clues. Each clue is linked to a faked game he grows on the stream’s bank. To solve the clue, you need to find the game in his store.

Here are all the clues and game explanations.

All Clues’ Solution and A Consecration of Esthme Steam

Clue No. 1 Answer is Guitar Billionaire.

Game Description: You will need to sell a guitar in order to be able to play it in an impossible and easy mode.

Clue No. 2 Answer is Custard Schloss Small Claims Courts.

Game Explanation : This game concerns the wisest Queen, Petal, who solved disputes in her district.

Clue no. 3 Answer is: Bass Ain’t bitin’2022.

Game Explanation

Clue no. 4 Answer is Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate.

Game Description: This game features collecting dead seagulls in order to create a beautiful aquarium.

The Consecration of Esthme Steam gives the answer to which clue. ? Continue reading to find out more.

Clue no 5. Answer is …: Frankenstein’s Monster Edition.

Game description: This is a game about monster classics and Halloween.

Clue no. 6 Answer is It’s Most Likely Fine.

Game Description: The game revolves around a girl driving and hitting a deer with her car.

Clue no 7 is Help get The King To the Toilet.

Game Explanation: This game is about a wise King who is cursed to forget where his daughter is and where their bathroom is. Clue 8 is Of Consecration Ecthme.

Game Explanation: This game is about his father. The father doesn’t want the child to learn how programming works, to create a game and to be an influencer. But, the goal is to make the best five-star game in the year.

Clue number 9 Answer is Pro Poker Amateur.

Game Description: This card game is easy and very exciting.

Clue no.10 Answer: Hold In Your Fists.

Game Description: Solomon seeks a companion.


We have given clue 8 the answers to the clues. You can find out more at this HTML3_ HTML3_ link